16 Finalists for the Comedy Pet Photography Awards

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A cat impersonating a toy, another half stuck to a wall, a very photogenic hamster, a headless horse and plenty of just silly canines are among the 30 comical images that made it to the shortlist to win the Comedy Pet Photo Awards Awards.

The finalist photos “are absolute crackers to make you smile”, according to the organisers, and “a delight of happy, positive and feel-good nonsense”.

Through the wonders of photography and video, this contest highlights all domestic animals and their hilarious human expressions, antics and mischievous capers as they share love and laughter with the world.

ForbesThe funniest pets in photos, finalists for the comedy pet photography awards

The funny pet photo competition was created by Paul Joynson Hicks and Tom Sullam, both professional photographers, to celebrate the positive and vital role pets play in our lives and to encourage commitment to animal welfare.

“The images were chosen for their photographic quality and comedic value and are now subject to serious scrutiny by the judges, all expert animal lovers, to choose the winner.”

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The 30 finalists will be eligible for the People's Choice category, where the public is invited to vote via the website for their favorite funny mascot. Voting is open from May 10 to June 2. One lucky voter, chosen at random, will win a cash prize of £100.

The winners of the 2024 comedy mascots will be announced on June 6. The winner will walk away with £500 cash and a ThinkTANK camera bag.

To see all the finalists go here.

Hector saw the cat do it, he made it look so easy, so he thought he'd give it a try. That was as far as he got before pulling back, the way he came.

Artie is about 12 weeks old. He is an expressive little man. Here, I might be imitating a schoolboy raising his hand to ask permission to go to the bathroom… er, cat litter box?

A little shake of the head and, hey, where is everyone? David Kertzman broke this just as the boss disappeared.

Here's a cute looking curly couple enjoying a breezy, albeit chilly, beach day.

Edgar (despite being a female) loves to eat flowers, her favorites being dandelions in the spring, snapdragons in the summer and here she can be seen swallowing a Gertrude rose whole Jekyll. Jonathan Casey and his family grow them for her, and since she's old, they feed her by hand.

This beautiful and athletic horse loves trying to fly off the ground.

Cat in a trap? It just looks like a scene from the video game Super Mario World.

Freddie was Alina Vogel's first hamster and probably the most photogenic. Sadly, Freddie recently passed on to hamster heaven.

Tammo Zelle's dog, Bolonka Zwetna, or “Lady Eilean”, has a lot of fun in the snow. Unfortunately, the ice crystals always stick to his paws.

Vittorio Ricci's long-haired tortoiseshell cat believes he is perfectly camouflaged in case of an ambush.

Ludo von Lickenface, the sweetest 16-year-old rescue pup, strikes a pose next to his beloved guardian.

Emma Beardsmore's two cats: Bluebell, a Tonkinese and Simba, a Snow Bengal, love to spy on the neighbors.

Pepper, a pointer dog, loves her air time.


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