2024 Top Bang Hairstyle Trends


It’s a cliché that bangs are just for breakups. Bangs are, in fact, perfectly acceptable to form your entire personality around, no matter what you’re going through (or not).

Whether it’s for a lifetime, a year, or a season, bangs of all kings bring different energies to your look, so finding with the right style is of the utmost importance (especially if it’s one that will take forever to grow out). Suiting your face shape or hair length is of less concern than making a spiritual match when the resulting cut is like wearing a sign on your forehead that says, “This is who I am.” Read on for what your bang style of choice — past, present, or future — says about you.

Micro Bangs

Apparently micro bangs are a “controversial” style, no one’s ever dared to say that to your face. They’re your signature — much like your oversized men’s Saint Laurent leather jacket that you wear over everything, for every occasion. You swear it’s all you need and you’ve never been cold — which you prove by fearlessly taking cigarette breaks in below 30° weather. Being unbothered and effortless is kind of your “thing,” but only you know how many hours it has taken to source your collection of vintage tee shirts from eBay and Lower East Side thrift shops.

Blunt Bangs

Maybe you grew up watching too many Disney movies, but that’s how you learned how to romanticize your own life. People remark to you that you always look so put together, and that’s because you make it a point to every time you leave the house — and you cop to that. You never break a sweat outside of a New York Pilates class — it’s the only way to work out because the lighting is so forgiving. Sandy Liang is your guiding light to dressing and you’ve never met a ribbon you didn’t like (or keep from a gift box). You love lingering at the public library and pick up your own dry cleaning instead of having it delivered because you feel it’s important to maximize the number of places you go that can facilitate a meet cute.

Side Bangs

You might have found yourself daydreaming about what it would be like going to Warped Tour now, if it still existed — but to be honest, sometimes it’s hard to motivate to go to a concert that starts after 9 p.m. (You still go, of course, but it’s a production.) These days you know that two dirty martinis is your absolute limit — unless someone else is having a third drink and you would never dare to ruin the vibe. Your wardrobe is peppered with funky statement pieces from Chopova Lowena and Simone Rocha, and yet you can’t decide whether to just go for it and buy the knee-high Marc Jacobs Kiki boots as impractical as they may seem. But, you know the best part about shopping now, is knowing your taste is not just a phase.

Curtain Bangs

Life’s hard when you can get bored all of the time. TikTok is the worst thing that ever happened to you, because your brain is constantly on overload with new book recommendations, conspiracy theories and hobbies to try. You’ve probably taken up and quit crocheting three or four times because you desperately need a creative outlet — but the sensation comes in waves. You’ve accidentally gotten your contacts at Polo Bar and American Bar mixed up (easy mistake, right?), but they still love you anyway and can always help you find a table. Making friends is easy for you and you easily become obsessed with new people, as long as they don’t mind if it takes you a while to text back.

Curly Bangs

Women who have learned to tame their curly hair with bangs have unlocked the secrets of the universe. It certainly feels like a super power when people are always telling you you you look like a Botticelli painting or wonder if you’re European. However, that part might also be because no one knows if you have a job for the amount of time you spend at Sant Ambroeus during the day. You know how to and have successfully packed a carry-on bag for a 12-day vacation — and that’s even including your hair products.


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