28 Scrumptious Photos, Served By Food Photographer Of The Year Awards

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The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2024 competition, which recognizes amateur and professional photographers for excellence in food photography, has unveiled the finalists' delicious images.

The contest that celebrates the art of photography and film through the universal language of food brought together thousands of photos from over 65 countries around the world for the 13th edition of the contest.

The winners will be announced on June 4 at an awards evening in London. The overall winner will take home a prize of £5,000.

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An exhibition of all the finalist's images will premiere at The Mall Galleries in London. The free entry exhibition runs from 5 to 9 June and is a component of the first Plate! St James's, a new festival celebrating food, drink and photography from 5-23 June.

See all preselected images here.

Bon appetit!

Women photographers

“My Egyptian mother once told me, 'My mother said you'll never go hungry if you have a can of tomatoes in the pantry,'” Alana Dimou explained. “The beauty of canned food is often revered for its packaging and label design. In this case, I wanted to highlight the textures and abundance of tomatoes in a familiar setting, praising this essential ingredient of Egyptian cuisine” .

Ready for close

This Italian oyster mushroom was grown locally indoors on straw at Bramble Hill Farm in Unity, Maine. It has an earthy and mild flavor. The texture of the large light brown striated cap and white gills is accentuated by the soft natural side light.

Portrait of food

A hand rises from the depths of the grapes at the Maison Vulpin winery in Villeneuve, Switzerland.

Sweet temptations

“During the lockdown of the Covid pandemic,” said Jacki Gordon, “I started photographing small model railway figures (only three-quarters of an inch tall) placed with everyday items, usually food, to entertaining my family and friends on social media.When the pandemic happened, I had developed an insatiable appetite for creating these little scenes.

The idea for this image came when I took a bite of a tea cake and was presented with its mauve snow-like interior – the perfect terrain for my little Nordic walkers to feel at home.

A delicious cake topped with fresh figs and drizzled with syrup, all on a clean white background that invites viewers to enjoy the rich flavors and textures of this delicious dessert.

Bringing the joy of food

“I was on a family vacation in Hanoi, Vietnam, and walking through the many narrow streets of the city when I came across this old bicycle full of fruit,” said David Cotsworth. “The colors against the dark background and the old rusty bike really made it stand out.”

A father and son catch fish using bamboo basket traps inside a karst cave in South Vietnam during the monsoon season. Cave fishing can only be done during the monsoon season when the cave chamber is flooded by rainwater.

This photo of the Karo tribe was taken in a village in Ethiopia. Here, Karo women work alongside stone grinders to prepare a rice grain paste for their fellow citizens.

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