5 Middle-earth Stories the New LORD OF THE RINGS Movies Should Tell


There are month The Lord of the Rings films in progress courtesy of Warner Bros., New Line Cinema and Embracer Group, which currently holds the rights to some of Middle Earth's greatest adventures. So, of course, the next logical question is, what will these new ones be? The Lord of the Rings is it movies well, the first news The Lord of the Rings movie, The Hunt for Gollum, will focus on the titular character and his adventures. But judging by the comments from Warner Bros. Discovery, we're sure to see more than one new movie hit our screens. Details on how many new lord of the rings What movies will come our way or what they will bring beyond the first movie, however, remains slim. In fact, we still don't know the full extent of the rights transferred to Warner Bros. for future movies.

The Third Age of Middle-earth seems the most likely setting for many of the new films, as that's when The Lord of the Rings i The Hobbit trilogies take place. And Hug has dropped the name before “Gandalf, Aragorn, Gollum, Galadriel, and Eowyn,” primarily figures from the Third Age, as characters to explore further in the film. As we prepare to hear these new developments The Lord of the Rings movies, we take a closer look at the rich world of Middle Earth. Here are some of Tolkien's tales and characters that deserve their time to shine.

The adventures of Legolas and Gimli after the end of the fellowship

The new LOTR movies may focus on Gimli and Legolas
New Line Cinema

Legolas and Gimli won hearts and minds with their unlikely friendship in Peter Jackson The Lord of the Rings movies But the truth is, they were barely on screen for the entire trilogy, and their characters didn't get that much training. Fans of Tolkien's characters and books will know that after the conclusion of the affair of the One Ring, Gimli and Legolas became partners and traveled together for the rest of their days… Even after Gimli became Lord of the Shining Caves.

Finally, Gimli went on the greatest journey of all with Legolas. He went west with him, across the ocean, and became the only dwarf to ever travel in the elven kingdom of Valinor. (Of course, even though Valinor is also called “The Immortal Lands”, traveling to them does not grant immortality. And Gimli would eventually die.)

As they say, the tired version of this movie would be a buddy cop style outing with lots of snark and killing orcs. But the cable version would be a complex, passionate romance that spans lives and ends in tragedy, something that feels more like the Frank and Bill episode The last of us. Neither Gimli nor Legolas, The HobbitWeird interludes aside, they even have canonical relationships that should be considered. And their relationship is definitely strange in the eyes of Middle Earth. Our eyes are on you, Warner Bros.

Tales from Middle-earth by Tom Bombadil (in song)

Tom Bombadil

Is it an original proposal? Maybe not. But definitely something to keep in mind. Tom Bombadil was removed from the original The Lord of the Rings, which makes sense because there are a lot of side quests and meandering tales in Tolkien's books that couldn't be made into a more streamlined narrative. But fans have always been waiting to see him on screen. Tom Bombadil has a penchant for singing and telling stories and lives in the company of his beloved Goldberry, who is suspected to be some kind of river spirit. And why not a The Lord of the Rings musical film on our new slate?

Of course, there is more to it than that. Although he seems like a jovial fellow, Tom Bombadil has great power. It is implied that he is the first living being in Middle-earth, and even the One Ring has no control over him. Tom Bombadil is also a creature of another world; sometimes he will step in to help, but he doesn't have a complete understanding of humanity, even less than the elves. Definitely the kind of character that would be fun to bring to the screen. And we'd love to see the adventures he has in his Brandywine River Valley home play out, with appearances from the nefarious Old-Man Willow, the Badger-folk and even Frodo Baggins himself.

Galadriel, Celeborn and the forest of Lothlórien

The new Lord of the Rings movies may focus on Galadriel
New Line Cinema

Fans of the Peter Jackson films will know that Celeborn is very keen to talk to Gandalf… But little else about the elf. In a new The Lord of the Rings movie, maybe we can see them get to have a conversation. But in all seriousness, Galadirel and his lover are topics of great interest. Just like the mysterious forest kingdom of Lothlórien.

Galadriel is sunbathing The rings of power. And this will surely make fans hungry to know more about her Third Age activities, after her Second Age existence and before we met her as a forest lady/witch. Tolkien's books, as is their way, are not entirely clear about the Third Age activities of Galadriel and Celeborn, but their paths do cross with evil. The Necromancer, also known as Sauron, builds Dol Guldur across the river from Lothlórien, luring them to the land. And a Balrog of Khazad-dûm plays in his eventual takeover.

Galadriel, of course, is also active in the fight against the Necromancer during this time. And she has ties to Gandalf, Saruman, Elrond and other notable characters, making her the perfect centerpiece of a movie, with Celeborn to boot. We'd also like to finally learn the mysterious origins of his all-seeing mirror.

To give Glorfindel His moment in the new lord of the rings movies

5 stories from Middle Earth that the new LORD OF THE RINGS movies should tell_1
New Line Cinema

Glorfindel's role in the book to help the Fellowship was transferred to Arwen in the movies, which was a necessary change for the story. But this elf lives quite a cinematic life in Tolkien's writings, one that would fit the new ones The lord of the rings good movies Of course, what we can see on the screen depends on the rights available. But throughout his life, Glorfindel is a mighty warrior with immense power. He dies fighting a Balrog, is resurrected by Manwë, and returns to fight again. He is not afraid of Sauron's ghosts and in fact arranges the iconic cutting down of Eowyn by the Witch-king of Angmar. Glorfindel prophesies that the Witch-king cannot be killed by a man, which indeed stands.

Glorfindel also has godlike powers and strength both the seen world and the invisible world. We see glimpses of the wraith world when Frodo puts on the ring, but it would be interesting to visit more fully.

Saruman's Descent into Darkness

Saruman could be the star of the new Lord of the Rings movies
New Line Cinema

How does Saruman's pure white fade into many colors? It always feels a little sudden, even though we can see the consequences creeping into the narrative before Frodo begins his journey. Still, there's no such thing as a corruption story. At one time, Saruman must have truly been a figure worthy of Gandalf's admiration and trust, but pride and ambition clouded his mind. And then Sauron whispered in his ear, as Sauron always does. At some points, Saruman seems to want to use Sauron as a tool for his own supremacy, and at others he gives in to the dark lord. This complicated tangle of evil, all mixed with Saruman's noble origins, would be interesting to watch.

Bonus: Anything queer a la nova The Lord of the Rings Movies, please

Frodo and Sam in The Lord of the Rings
New Line Cinema

The time for the extraordinary in Middle-earth is now. In fact, the time was a few ages ago, but if we are getting new The Lord of the Rings movies, then a queer story had better be front and center. Let's face it: Middle-earth elves have always been weird icons. You know it, I know it, I'm sure even Tolkien knew it. Hence the fact that there isn't even a canonically queer one The Lord of the Rings the character is a farce. Even The rings of power has yet to introduce a queer character, however flirts quite a bit with the relationship between Durin and Elrond. And of course, the show has made many important and welcome changes to the world.

Sam and Frodo, Gimli and Legolas, as mentioned above, are the stuff of real love. And Galadriel. Well, Gimli's quote, “They say that in these woods lives a great witch, an elven witch of terrible power,” basically says it all. Not to mention, fans have been thinking these thoughts for literal decades. But even if we can't get this far with familiar characters… Please find a weird story to tell in these new The Lord of the Rings adventures

Originally published on February 28, 2023.


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