A Dive Into the Fifteenth Doctor’s TARDIS


The TARDIS is truly a living spaceship of beauty. He is bigger on the inside and, like the Doctor, changes his appearance often, though to a lesser degree. Throughout everything the history of the show, the box's broken chameleon circuitry always makes it look like a blue police box from the 1960s. But even then, the exterior often goes through some subtle tweaks. The biggest changes to the TARDIS actually come from within, often reflecting the personality of the current incarnation of the Doctor. Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor has the wonderful TARDIS with some new features and we're keeping an eye out for it all season long.

The Fifteenth Doctor's unique TARDIS origin story


We first saw the Fifteenth Doctor's TARDIS in the finale 2023 Anniversary Special “The Giggle”. Fifteen brilliantly realizes that he and Fourteen's match against the Toymaker left them with a prize: an extra TARDIS. Their TARDISes look almost identical. Both are pure white with those lovely round things on the wall that the Doctor loves. And while previous versions of the TARDIS had balcony areas, this one is delightfully full of ramps. The Fourteenth Doctor gets to keep his own and go on occasional little adventures while Fifteen ventures out into the universe.

Is the new TARDIS the real TARDIS?

Yes, according to showrunner Russell T Davies. If anyone has the duplicate, it's the Fourteenth Doctor. We'll likely get confirmation on that sometime in the first season. Ncuti's Doctor is THE Doctor and this TARDIS is THE TARDIS. period Following…

TARDIS console room, special features and other interior locations

Spoiler alert
Doctor Who TARDIS Interior 4
BBC/Bad Wolf Studios/Disney+

One thing that sets Fifteen's TARDIS apart from its predecessor's machine (and anyone else's) is the inclusion of a jukebox. It looks like music will play a big part in this Doctor's arc, considering his attacks with singing goblins, the toy maker and his theme of melodic laughter, and the musical chaos of the Master. We haven't heard him play a song yet, but he's sure to come into play.

Doctor Who TARDIS Interior 1
BBC/Bad Wolf Studios/Disney+

A few tunnels lead to other areas, which the Doctor can close off if he chooses. In “Space Babies”, Ruby accidentally steps on a butterfly and changes her personal history, which the Doctor is able to fix. Apparently the TARDIS has a “butterfly compensation switch” that it can activate to prevent things like this from happening.

The Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday are in the TARDIS console room
BBC Studios/Bad Wolf Studios/Disney+

So far, we haven't seen anything outside of the console room. In “The Devil's Chord”, we see Fifteen and Ruby enter a corridor on the lower deck and exit on the upper deck, but that's it. We love the main room though. These round lights can change color with some rainbow hues, which the Doctor can control with the pulse of his fingers. We love mood lighting. And the console itself is a mix of technology from the past with a futuristic look. Overall, it really looks and feels like something out of another world and hopefully we can explore that more in the future.


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