‘Abbott Elementary’ Finally Gives This Teacher Their Hero Moment


Editor's Note: The following contains spoilers for Abbott Elementary Season 3.

The big picture

  • In the last episode of
    Abbott Elementary
    Jacob saves a beloved Abbott tradition using his creativity and determination.
  • Despite his usual supporting role, Jacob shines as a school hero in a unique way.
  • “Mother's Day” showcases Jacob's quirks and fearlessness under pressure in a poignant plot twist.

despite Abbott Elementary Recently reversing its biggest change, the show is still finding new ways to surprise viewers. Since Season 3 began earlier this year, the series has challenged its characters with exciting storylines and forced most of its main cast out of their various comfort zones. From Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) delving into his past to Gregory's (Tyler Jesse Williams) unexpected and jealous outburst, Abbott has been far from complacent. While most of the characters have had time to grow into the spotlight this season, Jacob (Chris Perfetti) has remained largely stagnant.

Of course, the character had a breakup and moved in with Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter), but most of the stories have appeared AbbottThe peculiar teacher in a co-starring role. But that all changed with the show's recent episode, “Mother's Day.” The exit gives Jacob a chance to shine and show how smart he is, as well as make him a school hero in the most “Jacob” way possible. In a half-hour installment which continues to shock. AbbottFormat, the episode reminds us of what makes him such an important part of the team.

Abbott Elementary

A work comedy centered around a group of dedicated teachers – and an unwitting principal – at a Philadelphia public school where, against the odds, they are determined to help their students succeed in life.

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December 7, 2021

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Jacob is the only one who cares about a sacred tradition abbot on “Mother's Day”

Since the series began, a school trip has been an important part Abbottseasonal closures. Season 1's swan song saw teachers and students take the show to the zoo, while the second-year finale brought the drama between Gregory and Janine (Fifth Brunson) to a boiling point at the Franklin Institute. However, the upcoming outing in Season 3 is put in jeopardy when Ava (Janelle James) reveals that the school cannot afford a trip this year.

Abbott Elementary has a long history of addressing the struggles of public school education, and Season 3 has specifically addressed many related issues, most of which have been resolved by Janine during her brief tenure in the school district. But with their cohorts committed to their own responsibilities, Jacob is responsible for ensuring that Abbott students can participate in this cherished tradition.

For his first attempt, Jacob creates a GoFundMe to raise the money needed for the departure. To his surprise, his plans are thwarted when GoFundMe takes down the fundraiser and informs Jacob that any kind of business involving the school has been banned, thanks to Ava. So far this season, Ava's lateral movement has once again been tumultuous. However, in Jacob fashion, he refuses to give up.



This “Abbott Elementary” character doesn't deserve his cringe status

This teacher is a much more complex person than they get credit for.

Jacob later approaches the PTA, run by Janine's ex-boyfriend Tyriq (Zack Fox), to see if there is any chance the organization could help fund the trip. Unfortunately, the PTA is not doing well under Tyriq's reign, and the only assistance that can be offered is volunteer chaperones and free transportation. As the week goes on, Jacob doesn't give up; concurrently, she's already planning to attend a Mother's Day drag brunch with Janine and Erika (Courtney Taylor) Sunday. While Janine is focused on her own weird problems, Jacob is still obsessed with making the field trip possible, even while they're at the event. It's there at the drag brunch, though Jacob finds the perfect solution.

Jacob saves the day in a way only he can in 'Abbott Elementary'

AbbottThe potential field trip disaster seems like it would normally be a problem that Janine would want to solve, but she's too busy with her own problem after her mom drops a big paternal bomb on her. Even after Ava joins them for lunch, Jacob is the only one determined to save the day. How RuPaul's Drag Race starsShea Coulee i Symone main brunch (as Lisa Condo and Divine Intervention, respectively), Jacob can't stop looking for a solution.

While at the bar, Lisa approaches Jacob to try and get a tip. Jacob only has a collection of five on him, but he gives her one anyway. Noticing his consternation, she invites him to attend the Queen's presentation of Shakespeare in a local park, where admission is always free. Ever the creative thinker, Jacob turns all his failed attempts into a win.

Excited, he returns to Janine, Ava, and Erika and pitches the idea of ​​taking the kids to the park, eliminating the need for any admission fundraising while using the PTA's free chaperones and transportation. A final obstacle presents itself when Janine goes to the park's website and discovers that it is a popular destination. Given that they will need to make reservations for each of the children, the four must act quickly. Then is when Jacob uses all his character to benefit his students.

Jacob orders brunch with Lisa's help. Although they are unwilling, their perseverance, excitement, and even their ability to annoy Jacob gets the whole bar to sign on and help make reservations for the school. Among them stands out his careful and responsible enthusiasm AbbottSeason 3 Problem Solvers Where Janine found her confidence to create change in the district, and Gregory found his appreciation for the support of his friends, Jacob just needed to be himself.

Jacob may not be a character that comes off as Abbott Elementaryis the most heroic, often relegated to supporting roles during the rest of the staff's adventures, however “Mother's Day” finally allows the peculiar teacher to save the school. Not only did he use his trademark creativity to carry on an Abbott tradition, but he also did it by being the fearless, over-the-top character that viewers love.

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