Amy Slaton of ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Debuts Her New Boyfriend on Social Media


The Big Picture

  • Amy Slaton, star of 1000-Lb. Sisters, recently introduced her new boyfriend Tony Rodgers in a TikTok post, sharing photos of them and with her sons.
  • Despite questions about Tony’s job, Amy confirmed that he does work and defended their relationship, emphasizing their happiness and the positive way he treats her and her boys.
  • Amy and Tony’s relationship is moving quickly, as they started dating in May, moved in together by August, and are now living with Amy’s sister and her sons in Kentucky. Their future together remains to be seen.

Amy Slaton’s journey of finding love has been chronicled on the TLC reality series, 1000-Lb. Sisters. She recently divorced Mike Halterman. The two share two sons, Gage and Glenn, and fans are now being introduced to a new man in Slaton’s life: Her new boyfriend, Tony Rodgers. Amy shared a TikTok post with a series of pictures set to the song “Baby I Love You” by Gaspar. Slaton shared images of Rodgers with her sons as well as images of them together. Most of the pictures were of Amy and Tony.

Celebrating her new love, Slaton addressed some of the comments from followers under the post who were questioning whether Rodgers had a job and seemingly searching for a reason for why he was with her. One asked directly if he had a job, to which Slaton replied “Yes” and then she wrote, “Tony work [sic]” to another. Their relationship is moving quite fast. As reported by The Sun, they began seeing each other in May 2023, and were living with each other by August of the same year.

Amy also lives with her sister Tammy Slaton, who she moved in with after the divorce. Amy’s new beau also lives there with her two sons. Amy’s divorce was a contentious one. She accused Michael of mistreating the boys, filing for an emergency protective order at the time that she eventually would ask the judge to withdraw. Their divorce was finalized in September 2023, with the exes getting shared custody of their sons.

Amy Slaton Makes Her Relationship TikTok Official

Amy posting about Tony on TikTok marks the first time she acknowledged them as a couple on a public platform. Even though they have been dating for over six months and living together for nearly four months, it appears she may not have wanted to share her love with the world until her divorce was final. Still, fans have their concerns.

Because of Amy’s fame, some wonder if her new man is with her for the right reasons. Amy seems confident that he is. While the sisters have shared a ton with fans on social media and their show, her new romance will not be in the upcoming season of 1000-Lb. Sisters, but her struggles with her ex will be featured.

1000-lb Sisters can be streamed on The new season premieres on Dec. 11.

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