Ariana Grande’s “The Boy Is Mine” Music Video Release Date


Ariana Grande is having a great summer. Completed release of evilThe first official trailer for, in which she plays a cheerful Glinda the Good Witch, the pop star is back on the promotional train for her excellent latest album, eternal sun, released in March. On May 27, he dropped a trailer for his highly-anticipated upcoming single, “The Boy Is Mine,” the sultry, R&B standout from the album that seems to be taking a horror turn on the upcoming viewing. In the short clip, a man washing his face in the bathroom sink is interrupted by a scaly, demonic-looking hand (presumably Grande's) reaching through the door.

Since the album's release, “The Boy Is Mine” has become a fan favorite on the album, with everyone from Olivia Rodrigo and Christina Aguilera to IVE member Yujin cosigning the song online. Contrary to what its title might suggest, the song is not an ode to her reunion with alleged boyfriend Ethan Slater, but a reworking of the song “Fantasize,” which she wrote for an abandoned TV show. “It's the version of 'Fantasize' from the album that [the fans] I wanted to have,” Grande said of the song. “It's like a sexier and naughty one and I think it's more provocative than the rest [of the album].”

The video will be directed by Christian Breslauer, who directed Grande's last two pictures, “Yes, and?” and “We can't be friends.” Watch the trailer below and stay tuned for the full video, which drops on June 7.


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