Ashley Cain Welcomes Baby 2 Years After Daughter’s Death


Saffiya later told The Sun in an interview posted Dec. 16 that Ashley had actually asked her to have another baby with him following their breakup but did not offer to get back together.

She continued, “I was ready to start again with him by my side, to welcome another child into this world and be the united family together, to make Azalia proud, so she could watch down on Earth and she could cheer us on.”

She also recalled her reaction when Ashley told her he was expecting another child with another woman. “I was winded and I was taken by surprise and shock,” she said. “I absolutely thought Ashley would come back to me.”

Safiyya said she felt like she was “grieving all over again,” saying, “It actually pained me to even think that I would have to tell [Azalia] that she’s having another sibling but it’s not from Mummy.”

Ashley told The Sun in response to his ex’s comments, “Safiyya and I have shared an intense emotional journey together since losing Azaylia. “When there are intense emotions involved, be that from loss, breakups or my recent baby announcement, recollection of events may vary. What has never varied is our mutual commitment to our daughter’s foundation, which has never been stronger.”


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