Attack On Titan’s Most Powerful Titan Form Changed Everything & Killed The Show


Considering the fact that humans battling massive giants is essentially the entire premise of “Attack on Titan,” the absence of cannibalistic behemoths and conclusively killing central protagonist-turned-antagonist Eren Jaeger means the show has to end at this point in the story. While many series have more open-ended finales that suggest there could be more to come, there is little hope for anything like that at the end of this hit anime.

The credits show characters living out their lives before eventually dying, and we learn that the cities on the island of Paradis are inevitably destroyed by war hundreds of years in the future. This leaves only the distant past and the far-off future, one where we see a boy enter Eren’s tree, as possible paths to expand on the world of “Attack on Titan.”

All the same, considering how well-documented the history of the world in “Attack on Titan” is and that the future is one without titans, it seems pretty unlikely that the story will continue. Still, with both “House of the Dragon” and “The Rings of Power” mining the history of their respective fantasy realms far away from the apocalyptic conflicts that define them, there’s always a chance, even if it’s a slim one, that Hajime Isayama’s beloved series could one day do the same.


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