Benjamin Bratt Gave Us One of the Sexiest Rom-Com Leads and He Deserves Our Respect

Benjamin Bratt Gave Us One of the Sexiest Rom-Com Leads and He Deserves Our Respect


The big picture

  • Benjamin Bratt brings warmth to romantic comedies like this one
    Mother of the Bride
    Miss Sympathy
    with his chemistry and charisma.
  • Respect and trust between Bratt's character and Sandra Bullock's
    Miss Sympathy
    lays the foundation for their romance.
  • Bratt's ability to turn small moments into heated interactions helps propel the love story forward
    Miss Sympathy

Considerable effort has gone into reclaiming the romantic comedy as a viable genre for moviegoers. It's an area of ​​cinema that's looked down upon for not offering the same kind of stakes as a high-profile drama or even an action film. It takes a level of commitment from the actors involved to buy into the plot and buy into the emotional stakes at play. Fortunately, rom-coms are about to cement their comeback with recent hits like Anyone but you, The idea of ​​you, i Red, white and royal blue. Part of this success is due to actors like Glen Powell i Nicholas Galitzine, who are doing their part to bring back the romantic comedy star and pay respect to those who came before them. Although it's easy to look back and celebrate the romcom actors of the early 2000s Matthew McConaughey i Dermot Mulroneythere is one overlooked actor who deserves to be remembered with equal reverence – Benjamin Bratt.

Bratt recently reemerged in the rom-com space for the new Netflix film, Mother of the Bridestarring Brooke Shields i Miranda Cosgrove. The devilishly handsome Bratt brings all the necessary charisma to this second-chance romance. For his fans, this is not surprising, given that he has been a great romantic lead in the past. Still, it's somehow overlooked when celebrating the great rom-coms of the past. It's surprising to say the least, considering he starred opposite Sandra Bullock in one of her best romantic comedies: Miss Sympathy.

Eric Matthews respects Gracie Hart as an agent before falling in love with her

Miss Sympathy stars Bullock as Gracie Hart, an FBI agent who reluctantly agrees to go undercover as a pageant queen at the Miss United States pageant. Leading the covert team is Bratt's Eric Matthews. This is the first investigation he's led, and like Gracie, Eric is trying to get the office to take him seriously. They have worked together before, and their lives revolve around their work, even commenting to each other that they are “the work”. Gracie has to work twice as hard to earn the same respect that Eric has. This is why he initially flatly refuses to go undercover; she doesn't think she'll be taken seriously for wearing a ball gown and wishing for world peace.

Gracie might not get the respect of her boss, Agent McDonald (Ernie Hudson), but tHere is the respect between Gracie and Eric. They have worked together in the past and know how good they are at what they do. They have camaraderie and trust, meaning they're not afraid to be honest with each other. This blunt honesty is how Eric is able to convince Gracie to accept this role. Later in the competition, Gracie tries to quit her homework while Eric is doing laps in the pool, and Eric assures her that he still sees her as an agent doing her job well. This respect and trust between them is fundamental to how they begin to fall in love.


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That's not to say that Eric isn't affected by Gracie's makeover and her pageant queen. Eric is quick to mention how beautiful she is before adding a quick dig into her previous appearance. Eric begins to see Gracie differently, but continues to treat her as a valuable member of his operation.. When she is in the locker room before the swimsuit portion of the competition, the other officers start staring at her and the other competitors. Eric walks in and turns off his camera briefly to respect his privacy when he's in a vulnerable position. Eric later goes off-book and disobeys McDonald's orders in order to solve the case with Gracie because he trusts his suspicions about Kathy Morningside (Candice Bergen). Gracie and Eric have a mutual respect that keeps the flames burning as the two begin to fall in love.

Benjamin Bratt Brings Sparkling Chemistry to 'Miss Congeniality'

Chemistry is key in romantic comedies. Fortunately, Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt have it within reach Miss Sympathy It certainly doesn't hurt that the two actors are easy to watch, but the chemistry between the characters runs deeper than the surface. Even before Gracie goes through a makeover courtesy of Victor Melling (Michael Caine), she and Eric spar at the gym, and the fight erupts into a rage that's about to turn into passion. When Gracie starts teasing him about thinking she's gorgeous, Eric gently steps into her space and holds her gaze before biting into a doughnut. (Who knew a donut could be used as an object of seduction?) In fact, while they're in Texas working on the case, Eric is pretty loose on complimenting Gracie's beauty, which Gracie is always affected by before Eric is. try to undermine it. in a nod to his previous appearance. Bratt skillfully turns these small moments into something hotter.

The aforementioned pool scene best encapsulates the chemistry between Gracie and Eric Miss Sympathy. On the one hand, Gracie talks to Eric while putting on a cute prom dress, and Eric talks to her from the pool where he's only wearing a swimsuit. They are not only physically naked with each other. Both Gracie and Eric express their respect for each other and their fears about how their commitment to the office has cost them. After Eric affirms Gracie's dedication to this case and his work, he takes her to the pool with him in a flirty move. It's a playful ending to their heartfelt conversation and shows how Gracie helps him relax when he's usually so worried about doing his job by the book. Eric throws caution to the wind to irritate Gracie, and to be blunt, it's hot.

For a movie that has a lot of feminist themes, Miss Sympathy she doesn't sacrifice her love story for it. Gracie's agency as a woman and federal agent is supported by Eric Matthews. Thanks to Benjamin Bratt, Eric is more than just a love interest or a rival at work. Eric respects and values ​​Gracie, and through this operation, his playful relationship with her evolves from respect to romance. Benjamin Bratt is an overlooked veteran of the romance genrebut without him, the love story a Miss Sympathy it doesn't touch the same. If you thought you needed more proof of Bratt's magnetism, he's still entering the basketball scene Catwoman with Halle Barry hot despite the film's less-than-stellar story.

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