Blake Moynes Made a Marriage Pact With This Love Is Blind Star


You’ve now entered the reality TV multiverse. 

And here, not only did The Bachelorette‘s Blake Moynes and Love is Blind‘s Natalie Lee date—confirming rumors that began during a 2022 trip to the Caribbean—but they’ve also made a marriage pact. 

“The answer is yes, we did date,” Natalie said during an April 4 episode of her podcast Out of the Pods, on which Blake appeared. “Nobody knows this—I don’t think we’ve ever talked about it—but Blake and I have a marriage pact. If I am not married by age 35, we said that we would have kids and get married.”

And as the two realized 35 is now only a few years away for the 32-year-old, Blake joked, “Maybe we do 40.”

The pair also discussed more about how their relationship began—mutual industry connections—and that they’d only talked on the phone before they met IRL in the Caribbean. 

“I feel like the reason why I was so drawn to you is because we share the same sense of humor,” Natalie reflected. “I’m very self-deprecating and just in general I have like a mean sense of humor, and I feel you could take it.”


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