Bluesky Officially Adds DMs (And GIFs are Also Now Available on the Platform)


For a minute, there was a mad rush to find Twitter replacements. Facebook threads eventually became the predominant, albeit imperfect, option. But Bluesky is also still in the game. And now it has added a very important feature that may make users consider giving this social media platform another shot. Bluesky revealed that he now officially has DM. Blue sky notes that you can “Upgrade to the latest app version (1.83) or upgrade to desktop to start chatting!”

The Pokemon Company

This is very exciting news for users who are still looking for a new home for their fleeting thoughts. Blue sky to more actions which is still working on adding images via messaging and group chats. But hey, it's a start.

With the new DM capability and the recent update that allows Bluesky users to share gifsWe are not counting this platform yet.


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