Boat full of decomposing corpses spotted by fishermen off Brazil coast


Bogota, Colombia – A small boat full of decomposing corpses was discovered by fishermen off the northeast coast of Brazil on Saturday, according to local news reports. Brazil's attorney general's office said in a statement that it had sent a forensic team to the area to determine where the bodies and the ship came from.

“Some reports say there could be up to 20 bodies” on the boat, the Attorney General's Office said in a statement. The office announced it was opening a criminal and civil investigation into the incident.

The ship was floating off the coast of Para state in a remote location about 185 miles from the state capital Belem.

It was not the first time that fishermen discovered ships carrying corpses on the western side of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2021, at least seven ships full of corpses washed up in Brazil and the eastern Caribbean.

Police officers place boots on the ground as they inspect a boat where 15 Malians were found dead and adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, in this Aug. 20, 2020, file photo taken on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain.

Emilio Morenatti/AP

Investigations by the Associated Press and local authorities determined that some of these boats were carrying the bodies of African migrants who were trying to reach the Canary Islands, but had missed their target and drifted for weeks in the atlantic ocean


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