Bridgit Mendler Officially Graduates Harvard Law School


The Disney Channel alum explained that finishing her degree is now up to “the administration and my principal investigator and whatever they think is appropriate.”

But Bridgit understands that as a parent, sometimes difficult decisions have to be made to maintain work-life balance.

“I like to push the limits of what's possible and say yes to more things,” he continued, “but it's also important to flex the muscle of prioritization and discernment. I've found myself learning when to say no or not well. now it can be more of a skill than saying yes.”

As for her other company, Bridgit serves as CEO of Northwood Space, while Griffin, whom she married in 2019, serves as CTO. The startup aims to build satellite ground stations to help send and receive data from space, acting as a “data highway” between the two.

“Space is getting easier in so many different dimensions,” he told CNBC in February of his company's goals, “but the actual exercise of sending data out there from space is still difficult.” .

Bridgit wasn't the only star celebrating a graduation in 2024. Read on to see who else picked up a diploma this year.


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