Charli XCX “360” Song & Video With Julia Fox, Rachel Sennott


In the most ambitious crossover event ever, Charli XCX has gathered the It Girls Avengers, including Julia Fox, Gabbriette, Rachel Sennott, Chloe Cherry, Richie Shazam, to help her tease a new song titled “360” which will arrive on May 10.

The singer, dressed in black, enters what appears to be an old-fashioned banquet hall, ready to launch into the new song. “Charli, we have to fulfill the prophecy of finding a hot new internet girl, so we're literally having dinner,” Gabbriette says when Sennott stops Charli midway. “Or else our species will cease to exist…forever,” adds Cherry (with impeccably timed side eye).

After a false start when Charli hilariously lands Fox as the next contender, the group settles into their modest server, which gives off “totally waiter vibes,” says Sennott. Then, helpfully, they narrow down the role requirements: to have je ne sais quoi; “to be very hot in a scary way,” says Gabbriette; and being familiar yet unknowable, Shazam offers a chorus of murmurs of assent.

Check out the trailer below and come back here when the full song is out, along with the visuals that are sure to be amazing.


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