Chris Hemsworth Gave Us One of the Funniest Moments Ever in a Horror Movie

Chris Hemsworth Gave Us One of the Funniest Moments Ever in a Horror Movie


The big picture

  • The cabin in the woods
    expertly dissects horror tropes, humorously subverting clichés like the “dumb blonde” and the “jock.”
  • Chris Hemsworth's comedic, abrupt death scene brilliantly pokes fun at the mechanical nature of modern horror films.
  • Satirically portraying an unimaginatively formulaic horror, the film offers a sharp commentary on genre clichés and the complexity of humanity.

The cabin in the woods (2011), directed by Drew Goddard, is a sharp horror comedy film with a brilliant twist. It offers sly commentary on recognizable horror tropes and subgenres, parodies typical horror elements from the isolated cabin to the classic jump scare, all the while underscoring tired horror film archetypes like the “dumb blonde” and the “jock” . One of the tropes he uses to expertly dissect the genre is the horror movie rule that almost every character must die. These common murders include that of Chris HemsworthThe character of, which turned out to be one of the funniest things ever to happen in a horror movie because of his perfect comedic timing. Hemsworth has managed to bring his comedic chops to a wide range of films, including his Thor entries in the MCU (especially in his collaborations with the director). Taika Waititi), in 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, and the road comedy, Holidays. But what does this cabin do? in the forest The even funnier moment is that Hemsworth plays it completely straight. As the actor prepares to start his engines as the eccentric villain George Miller's furiousit's time to look back at one of the funniest scenes of his entire career.

The cabin in the woods

Five friends go on a break at a remote cabin, where they get more than they bargained for, discovering the truth behind the cabin in the woods.

Publication date
April 13, 2012

Drew Goddard

Execution time
95 minutes

Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard

Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Bad things happen.

What is 'The Cabin in the Woods' about?

The cabin in the woods begins with a group of college friends embarking on a vacation to a remote cabin (in the woods, of course). At first, the usual horror archetypes are introduced, but are instantly subverted. Athletic “jock” Curt (Hemsworth) with hot boyfriend subverts his stereotype by engaging with academic reading material. The protagonist Dana (Kristen Connolly) appears to be a “final girl” due to her reserved and thoughtful tendencies, however, she lacks sexual experience, which is a final girl requirement. The film is also quick to establish classic horror tropes and clichés, including the loss of GPS signal en route and the suspicious “precursor” character issuing a chilling warning.

As the film progresses, it continues to deconstruct the horror tradition in increasingly imaginative ways. Playing with the viewer's expectations, it is unclear whether the film will fit into the subgenre of slasher (abandoned cabin in the woods), paranormal (creepy objects found in this cabin), or zombie (the zombies proceed to attack the group ). The film also plays with the psychological horror subgenre; The first big reveal during the film is that the group is constantly being monitored by a shadowy organization via hidden cameras. Mirroring the film's meta-experimentation with the genre, the organization has orchestrated the next sacrifice of the friends, manipulating their behavior through chemicals and designing the elaborate horror scenario, with actual deaths as punishment for committing sins of horror films. The sins in question consist of hedonistic behavior, recklessness, and ignoring warning signs, as a nod to the usual horror rulebook. It was one particular death, however, that stood out as undeniably hilarious (this is a horror comedy, after all).

Chris Hemsworth's death scene is outrageously funny

About halfway through, The cabin in the woods is in the midst of horror evolution: the representative of the Jules blonde archetype (Anna Hutchison) is decapitated by zombies in typically gory fashion, followed by representative of the stoner archetype Marty (Fran Kranz) being dragged along by the undead. But one of those horrifying scenes that stands out is Curt's, accurately portrayed by Hemsworth. Informed by the grief of his girlfriend's recent death and motivated by the heroic intent to save the remaining survivors, he gives a heartfelt speech as he prepares to jump the ravine on his motorcycle to call for help. Talking seriously with Dana and Holden (Jesse Williams), the tension of the scene rises with the growing hope of salvation and the brilliance of Curt's selfless bravery, matched by a the rise of the musical score reinforcing the wholehearted optimism of the moment.


Marvel stars Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth reunite for Heist Thriller

The film is slated to release sometime in 2025.

This perfectly constructed anticipation is hilariously obliterated by Curt's sudden disappearance. Crashing at full speed into an invisible force field, the previous excitement falls completely flat, with Curt's head-on collision with the barrier vanquishing all the tender emotion driving it. His demise is also brutally prolonged, so that it bounces loosely through the force field, requiring the viewer's attention to brace itself for the moment of bleak humor echoed in Dana's cry of anguish. Chris Hemsworth's unceremonious death as Curt serves to satirize how mechanical and uninspired modern horror films can be. Regardless of the emotional preparation and heartfelt connection he shares with Dana beforehand, he's still killed. Also reflecting the film's multi-layered approach, Curt's sudden death foreshadows the film's final shock twist.

Why is Curt's death so funny?

The big final reveal of The cabin in the woods it's that the company overseeing these murders is doing so to appease the merciless ancient gods, who must be appeased with clichéd horror movie deaths, or else bring ruin to the world. His nonchalant demand, along with Curt's humorous death, satirizes how unimaginative horror films can be, painting characters in broad strokes, as symbolized by the organization's puppets, while in the real world, the human beings cannot be reduced to simplistic types. The organization's merciless attitude towards human life returns with a vengeance, as Dana triumphantly slides her own monstrous creations upon them, resulting in a scene of pure karmic mayhem. Without that or Curt's death, the film wouldn't emphasize the ridiculousness that the horror genre is sometimes reduced to, even if they still like it.

The cabin in the woods is available to stream on Peacock in the US.

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