Chris Hemsworth in Talks to Lead G.I. JOE x TRANSFORMERS Crossover Movie


Transformers: Rise of the Beasts create a crossover movie between GI Joe i transformers. And now, there is some movement in this movie. Chris Hemsworth is reportedly in talks star in GI Joe/transformers crossover movie. We suppose we could have no problem imagining Hemsworth as GI Joe. And well, this time there would be no layers involved.

Paramount Pictures/Netflix/Hasbro

GI Joe i transformers they've met before in the comic book world, so there's precedent for their connection. But this would be their first live encounter. At the end of Transformers: Rise of BeastsGI Joe is revealed to be some sort of research organization transformers world This crossover movie would of course help grow the Hasbro Cinematic Universe. And hey everyone needs a cinematic universe these days.

It's early days for the film. But if you want to read more about how GI Joe i transformers go together you can consult our piece here.


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