‘Damaged’ — Everything We Know about Samuel L. Jackson’s New Crime Thriller


Having appeared in over 200 credited roles across various genres in films, television, video games, and on stage, it is no surprise that Samuel L. Jackson has played all possible characters. And yet, the upcoming Damaged will see the Pulp Fiction star slipping a little deeper into his investigative shoes. The all-new mystery thriller sees Jackson as a gritty Chicago detective relentlessly chasing a serial killer all the way to Scotland.

Damaged follows Jackson as the main protagonist, Daniel Lawson, a Chicago-based detective who goes to Edinburg, Scotland to investigate a series of murders after a serial killer resurfaces after several years. Along with local detectives, Lawson soon discovers a pattern in the killings that he believes could be connected to a dangerous cult. In the film, Jackson is joined by another screen great, Vincent Cassel of Black Swan and Eastern Promises fame, among an ensemble cast featuring familiar faces of British cinema.

Set to release simultaneously on the big screen, on-demand, and digital, Damaged is slated to land this April. As you gear up for this action-packed, murder mystery film, read on to find out everything we know so far about Damaged, including the plot, trailer, cast, and characters.

Does ‘Damaged’ Have a Release Date?

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The all-new crime mystery thriller is set for a limited theatrical release, and on digital on Friday, April 12, 2024. If you are also looking for films in other genres releasing the same weekend, then Alex Garland’s Civil War, the Nicolas Cage sci-fi thriller Arcadian, The Long Game, and Hulu’s The Greatest Hits are a few awaited titles that might interest you as well.

Where Can You Watch ‘Damaged’?

Vincent Cassel sitting by a window in Damaged.
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Damaged is getting both a theatrical and digital release at the same time, on the same day, on April 12, 2024. So, if you want to catch all the action and mystery on the big screen, you can head to your local theater. Otherwise, you can watch the all-new killer thriller on-demand or on digital on the same day.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Damaged’?

Almost a year after the film’s announcement, Lionsgate released the official trailer for Damaged, which promises a chilling crime thriller featuring sinister murders and a serial killer on the loose. The two-and-a-half-minute clip opens with Samuel L. Jackson’s Daniel Lawson reciting the biblical verse, “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves” to warn about someone that Lawson suspects is deceptive. The trailer then sets the premise where we see Lawson investigating a serial killer in Chicago, who has resurfaced after six years. But this time, the killer’s latest victim is murdered in Chicago and the body is discovered in Edinburg, Scotland. This sends Lawson across the pond to Scotland, where he teams up with local detective Glen Boyd (Gianni Capaldi) to solve the murder, and touches base with Vincent Cassel’s Bravo, who appears to have been connected to the case in the past. From here on, the trailer is a quick succession of thrilling sequences revealing a shady cult, the detectives chasing the suspect, and the shadowy killer claiming more victims. With a suspenseful plot involving several twists and turns and a sinister conspiracy, Damaged is sure to thrill fans.

If the film’s trailer is any indication of what to expect, then you can rest assured that Damaged promises a chilling serial killer thriller, packed with chilling plot twists, abundant suspense, and tense action sequences.

What Is ‘Damaged’ About?

Samuel L. Jackson and Vincent Cassel on the poster for Damaged.
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The official synopsis for Damaged reads:

How do you catch a brilliant monster? When a sadistic murderer surfaces in Scotland, terrified local authorities call on a Chicago police detective who investigated a killing spree with the same horrific pattern five years earlier. Samuel L. Jackson and Vincent Cassel star in this shocking thriller about two detectives with tortured pasts trying to stop a merciless serial killer before he claims his next victim.

Who Stars in ‘Damaged’?

The ever-iconic actor Samuel L. Jackson leads the stacked cast of Damaged as Chicago PD Detective Daniel Lawson, who heads to Edinburg, Scotland to solve a murder case. The latest crime mystery thriller comes hot off the heels of Argylle, where he played the role of former CIA deputy director Alfie Solomon. Damaged marks Jackson’s second film of 2024. Besides Damaged, Jackson has several upcoming projects in the pipeline, including three films and a television series. He is next set to voice the character of Garfield’s father, Vic in the upcoming The Garfield Movie, and will also be seen in Peacock’s upcoming crime miniseries, Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist, co-starring Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, and Terrence Howard. Additionally, Jackson is also set to appear in the film adaptation of August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson and the Western, Unholy Trinity, co-starring Pierce Brosnan.

Cesar Award-winning French actor Vincent Cassel of Black Swan and Westworld fame stars as Bravo, an old acquaintance of Lawson who joins him on the investigation in Scotland. Cassel last starred in Apple TV+’s Liaison alongside Eva Green, as well as in the two-part historical-adventure film The Three Musketeers (also co-starring Green). He is next set to star in David Cronenberg’s The Shrouds, and the Netflix French series, Fiasco.

Scottish actor-producer Gianni Capaldi stars as Edinburgh detective, Glen Boyd, who is ready to go any length to catch the killer who murdered his wife. Capaldi has previously appeared in the films Cross and Blood of Redemption (also producer). He will also be starring in Unholy Trinity alongside Jackson and is set to appear in the upcoming series, Paper Empire, co-starring Robert Davi, Denise Richards, and Wesley Snipes.

Joining the above main cast, The Mummy trilogy star John Hannah plays the role of McGregor, a prime suspect in the murder case that Lawson and the Scotland police are investigating. Hannah recently appeared in Black Mirror Season 6 and The Last of Us, and is best known for his roles in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., FX’s Damages, and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

In other supporting characters, BAFTA Scotland-winning Game of Thrones alum Kate Dickie is cast as Kessler, an officer with Edinburg police, and Deep State alum Mark Holden as Captain Ford.

Who Is Making ‘Damaged’?

Vincent Cassel touching Gianni Capaldi's shoulder in Damaged.
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Damaged hails from British television director Terry McDonough in his feature film debut. Though the upcoming crime thriller is his first feature film as a director, McDonough has a proven track record of directing several television shows and series in the genre. He is best known for previously directing select episodes of AMC’s Breaking Bad, followed by its sequel, Better Call Saul. Additionally, he has also helmed episodes of other popular television series, like Killing Eve, The Expanse, Suits, and Hell on Wheels. He also directed the TV movie, An Adventure in Space and Time, which depicts a dramatized version of events surrounding the creation of Doctor Who in the 1960s. McDonough created and co-wrote the 2006 BBC series, The Street, which earned him a BAFTA and an International Emmy Award.

Actor Gianni Capaldi co-wrote the screenplay for Damaged with Koji Steven Sakai (Dwayne Perkins: Take Note) and Paul Aniello (It’s Not Over). Both Aniello and Capaldi also serve as producers alongside Roman Kopelvich. John Adams, Matthew Helderman, Phil Hunt, Marcie Sinaiko, John Sturt, Luke Taylor, and Roman Viaris-de-Lesegno serve as executive producers. Red Sea Media and BondIt Media Capital are producing the film in association with Scottish sports streaming company, Stream Digital.


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