Delainey Hayles on Claudia Being Louis’ Second Choice, Meeting Madeleine, and Joining in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE Season 2


Interview with the vampire The second season begins with a fancy title card that reads: “The role of Claudia will now be played by Delainey Hayles.” And without giving too much away, Hayles is an outstanding choice to take over as Claudia in season two of the beloved series. His chemistry with Jacob Anderson's Louis and Assad Zaman's Armand is absolutely unmatched. And Hayles' pitch-perfect, nuanced portrayal of an ageless being trapped in a girl's body is perfectly shattering. Thanks to Hayles, Claudia is very much a star Interview with the vampire second season.


So it was a pleasure to chat with Hayles about the role of Claudia in the New York premiere of Interview with the vampire second season Hayles shed some light on Claudia's somewhat unrequited love for Louis and the relationships she forges for herself in season two. Of course, we can't forget the specter of Lestat hanging over Clàudia Interview with the vampire second season Let's take a look at everything Hayles had to say.

Nerdist: Can you share a little about what it was like to walk into Claudia? Interview with the vampire second season?

Delainey Hayles: I was very excited to enter the role of Clàudia. I didn't miss the family I've joined, the one I've joined, and Anne Rice's writing is ridiculous. This season is also ridiculous. I'm so excited for everyone to see it. Claudia means a lot to me.

Delainey Hayles as Claudia on stage in an interview with the season 2 vampire

Claudia always seems to be Louis' second choice, how does that get her in? Interview with the vampire second season?

Hayles: Yes, he hits her. It's terrible for her. I think he thinks there's a little bit of him that's going to choose him this time, and it's something that's always playing in the back of his mind. And then finally he chooses who he, and it's not her, and I wouldn't say it's a dramatic shock for her, but it's definitely heartbreaking.

Interview with Delainey Hayles from Vampire season 2 as Claudia and Louis

And how do you think Claudia feels about Louis? Do you think she sees him as her “end all, be all” person, or do you think he's the only person she has?

Hayles: She loves Louis, but I don't think it's her… What did you say it was? Be all, end all? No, I think that's why she's desperate to find others. She knows there's more to life than New Orleans.

We see Lestat manifest in Louis' mind during season two, but what kind of relationship does Claudia have with Lestat after he leaves him for dead in Interview with the vampire?

Hayles: Lestat is always there, either in Clàudia's behavior, or if she has gone to a place where he said not to go, and she goes there. So I wouldn't say yes, it's definitely slipped his mind. It's a similar situation to Louis, but obviously not the same love sense, but in a way that I think it's becoming clear that he realizes that she's right about Paris.

Delainey Hayles as Claudia with Louis and Armand with the season 2 vampire

Claudia seems to have a deep longing to be seen as she is, and in the second season Interview with the vampire, he finds it in Madeleine, a social outcast and dressmaker that Claudia meets in France. Can you describe their bond and what it means to Claudia?

Hayles: Their bond is very pure. At first, the two have a mutual understanding and their energies go together, but it's not really clear why. And then they realize that they've both been through some things and they see it in each other's eyes, and yes. And that becomes clear, I think, in episode three.

Interview with the second season of Vampire Madeleine Roxane

It's a lot, and I have my version of what it is specifically, but I want people to decide their own version of it because it's such a pure relationship that anyone can take what they want from it.

And did you have a particular scene that was your favorite to film this season?

Hayles: Yes, but I won't say what it is.

Very mysterious. Guess we'll have to catch you up later!

Delainey Hayles' turn as Claudia and the rest Interview with the vampire The second season premieres on AMC and AMC+ on May 12, 2024 at 9/8c.


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