Emily Blunt Details Taylor Swift’s Sweet Words To Her Daughter


Emily Blunt reveals what Taylor Swift said to her daughter that almost made her pass out

Emily BluntThe daughter of may not seem Clara BowBut taylor swift I still thought she was stunning.

The Fall Guy the actress recently detailed an encounter with her and John Krasinskithe eldest daughter hazel treeof 10 years, had with the singer of “Fortnight”.

“She's the nicest,” Emily said of Taylor on the April 29 episode of Howard Stern. “She was so kind to my kids. My oldest just cut all his hair, this really short haircut that she was really shy about. And Taylor Swift is like, 'God, look at you.' It's just this '60s Beatnik guy, I love your style.”

And Emily, who also shares a daughter Violet7, with the office alum, said the compliment made Hazel feel plucked like a rose.

“I thought my son was going to pass out,” she recalled. “It was the best thing anyone has ever done for my son.”

Springing on Taylor once again, the devil wears Prada the actress added: “She's really cool.”

Of course, this isn't the first time Emily has spoken highly of the “Karma” singer. Earlier this month, the 41-year-old declared herself a “colossal” Swiftie, joking: “Aren't they all?”


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