Euphoria’s Dominic Fike Addresses His Future on Season 3


If you were hoping for a reprise of “Elliot’s Song,” this news won’t make you euphoric.

Dominic Fike, who joined Euphoria in season two, recently revealed he isn’t sure where his future lies with the HBO drama. 

Though he told Variety in an interview published Jan. 19 that returning for season three “would be so dope,” he added the reality is, “I don’t really talk to them anymore.”

E! News has reached out to HBO for comment but has not yet heard back. 

The 28-year-old, who played drug addict Elliot, also reflected on his time on the show, during which he said creator Sam Levinson hired a sober coach to work with him on the portrayal—but ultimately he didn’t find it all that effective.

“I actually am a pretty big drug addict myself, believe it or not,” Dominic explained. “When I was on Euphoria, they kind of just gave me a coach who would just talk to you. It was just some random lady. We had nothing in common. We didn’t come from the same places or the same problems. It was hard to take advice from someone like that or give a shit.”


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