Every MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Character Who Appears in FURIOSA


Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga took viewers to the Wasteland to show us the painful path that led to her becoming an Imperator. But Furiosa wasn't the only one character of Mad Max: Fury Road to appear in the prequel. Many other important figures from George Miller's action film also returned for his new entry. What other famous faces made the return trip with the film of the same name? These are the important ones Fury Road characters who also starred furious.

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Spoiler alert

Immortan Joe

The masked white-haired Immortan Joe in Furiosa
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The leader of the Citadel was not an important personage furious, but it was still important. The main villain of Fury Road he was an awkward partner and rival of Chris Hemsworth's Dementus.

Although Immortan Joe looked the same, he sounded different. That's because Lachy Hulme played the younger version of the character. He replaced the late Hugh Keays-Byrne in the role. The Mad Max stalwart (Keays-Byrne was also the villain in the original 1979 film) died in 2020.

Rictus erectus

A shirtless Rictus Erectus looks mean atop a movie car in Mad Max: Fury Road
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furious marked the return of Nathan Jones as Immortan Joe's eldest, mute son, Rictus Erectus. The prequel strongly suggested that the simple-minded man-child was a pedophile (thankfully we didn't have to find out for sure), leading to his death in Fury Road even more satisfying.

The People's Diner

The People Eater with his fake gold nose and business suit gets sand from Furiosa's hand
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furious brought back Fury Roadthe loathsome gluttonous warlord and his false golden nose, John Howard's The People Eater. The prequel also revealed something new about him. He was not Immortan Joe's original ally in charge of running Gas Town. He originally served alongside Joe in the Citadel.

The bullet farmer

Farmer Bullet and an armed soldier in his truck in Mad Max: Fury Road
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The war-loving Bullet Farmer (a pre-Wasteland ally of Immortan Joe) returned for furious with her single bullet keffiyeh. The prequel showed how he briefly lost the Bullet Farm to Dementus, but was a big part of Immortan Joe winning the 40 Day Wasteland War that followed the fall of the Bullet Farm. Richard Carter played the Bullet Farmer Fury Road but he died in 2019. In furiousLee Perry analyzes the paper.

Organic Mechanic

The bespectacled Organic Mechanic looks at someone inside a tent in Furiosa
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furious provided the backstory of how Angus Sampson's Wasteland “doctor” ended up in Immortan Joe's service. He originally worked for Dementus, but the leader of the Citadel instantly recognized the value of the Organic Mechanic and claimed him as part of the deal Immortan Joe made with Dementus. The organic mechanic immediately took it upon himself to deliver the babies of Joe's slave women.

The first emperor

Richard Norton as the bald Prime Imperator in Fury Road parted ways with him with hair and a gun in Furiosa
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Richard Norton's Prime Imperator, leader of Immortan Joe's Imperators a Fury Roadappeared briefly alongside Immortan Joe during his negotiations with Dementus a furious. Although Norton's role in the prequel was significantly smaller than his first appearance (although this younger version of the character had much more hair), it did reveal how long he served as one of the highest-ranking soldiers of the Citadel

Doof Warrior (Coma)

The Doof Warrior in his red pajamas playing his guitar attached to a vehicle with speakers in Furiosa
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The Wasteland's greatest musician, Coma, made a brief cameo atop the Doof Wagon towards the end of furiousbecause no one gets stronger than the Doof Warrior.


A young girl hiding in trees watches someone take a peach in Furiosa split with a grown woman in a desert robbery looks stressed in Fury Road
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In Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa reunited with her old friend The Valkyrie (Megan Gale), after eventually returning to the Vuvalini, a group that also appeared in both films). The opening of furious showed that Little Valkyrie (Dylan Adonis) was there when the bandits stole Furiosa from the Green Place, making their eventual reunion decades later. Fury Road even more powerful.

Crazy Rockatansky

Max Rockatansky looks out over the desert near his car in Mad Max: Fury Road
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We knew how to get into the Max Mad movie the same would make a cameo in the film, but it wasn't much. We only saw the franchise's namesake from behind in a brief shot that I remembered Fury Roadit opens During her brief appearance, she saw a battered Furiosa return home, unaware of her future connection.

The Five Wives

Furiosa and the five women are in the desert in ad Max: Fury Road
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The movie ended with the plot it set in motion Fury Road, as it featured Furiosa hiding all five of Joe's wives in her war rig. The movie only showed them briefly, but it was enough to remind us how important they were to Furiosa's ultimate redemption.

War Boys and Rock Riders

Two important groups of Fury Road they also revved their engines furious. Immortan Joe's War Boys were again big parts of the action. And the prequel also featured The Rock Riders, who controlled that vital pass Fury Road.

BONUS: A Fury Road Alum plays comic book and video game character Scabrous Scrotus furious

War Boy Slit painted white with scars holding a flyer in Fury Road split with Scrotus burleu in Furiosa
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Immortan Joe's eldest son Scabrous Scrotus made his film debut furious having previously appeared in the Fury Road comic series and 2015 Mad Max video game. What made the big screen debut of the sociopathic killer extra special, however, was who played him. Josh Helman was under that prominent eyebrow and also played the War Boy Slit Fury Road.

It was just one more Fury Road actor that we could witness in a film that brought so many great stars and characters.

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