Face The Nation: McKenzie, Vinograd, Georgieva


Face The Nation: McKenzie, Vinograd, Georgieva – CBS News

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Did you miss the second half of the show? The last one about…Jan. Frank McKenzie, former commander of US Central Command, tells “Face the Nation” that his “strategic” advice to Israel is that its response to Iran should be “narrow” and have a “beginning and an end definable,” Samantha Vinograd, CBS News National Security Contributor and former national security official, tells “Face the Nation” that terrorist organizations have been “using the conflict between Israel and Hamas to try to inspire supporters and operatives from all over the world to act”, and Kristalina Georgieva, International Monetary Fund. The fund's director tells “Face the Nation” that the economic impact of Middle East instability so far has been “somewhat moderate,” but “any impact as small as it might be is not desirable in an economy with high uncertainty and no inflation yet.” be brought to the target.”

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