Florence Pugh Hit in the Face by a Thrown Object at Dune Event


Florence Pugh gave fans some cause to worry, darling.

Footage shared to social media from the 2023 Comic Con in São Paulo on Dec. 3 shows the Don’t Worry Darling actress being struck by an object thrown on stage during a panel for Dune: Part Two

In the clip, Florence is seen standing alongside director Dennis Villeneuve and her castmates Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler and Zendaya when an object thrown from the audience hits the 27-year-old in the face. Per the footage, Florence flinches and appears to say “ow,” before bending down to pick up whatever has been thrown.

The Little Women actress, who has not yet addressed the moment publicly, did not appear to be seriously injured in the clip.

The moment involving Florence is the latest in a perplexing trend of audience members throwing objects onstage, most often at concerts, which has resulted in multiple instances of artists being struck or injured.


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