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Collingwood skipper Darcy Moore spoke to Channel Seven after the game.

Darcy, overtime or no overtime?

From the way they were coming home, I'm inclined to say no overtime. Yeah, it's fun, isn't it? I do not know. I don't know, again here. What's up, six weeks since our last one. It's a fun feeling. Obviously, you know, some guys with a little less experience and they get a lot out of this game. Take the positive aspects of this game. Take the positives that way, but right now it feels so terrible to let it slip away. I still have two points, I guess.

Darcy Moore makes a booty.Credit: AFL photos

What's wrong with you and closed games?

It's crazy, I know. It's like us… It's not fun enough when there are a few goals. It's like those who want to make it interesting. Credit to Freo. They just kept playing their system and really attacking the lane, as you would have seen, especially late, which is, yeah, credit to them. It's hard to play like that for a whole game. They did a very good job. They took a late risk. This makes it difficult.

He must be a very proud captain, he's got six players here in less than 10 games, a couple of debutants. While you'd like your more experienced senior guys to suit up and fire it off, it's good to give the younger guys a few chances.

100 percent As a captain, it really gives me a lot of energy to see these guys. I see every day how hard these guys work to get this opportunity and the fans and viewers at home don't see it. They only see what they deliver on Friday Night Footy. To see them train and play to their strengths and get a chance at this level makes me feel really good as a captain and a bit of a marker for our environment, how well they're doing, and being as competitive as us, you. I know, for this game to be on top while we were in the second half and to let it slip away at the end makes you very proud considering how inexperienced we are at this point.


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