‘Ghosts’ Season 4 Will Start Filming This Summer


The Big Picture

  • Season 4 of
    is likely to begin production in mid-July.
  • The cast visited the Library of Congress this week to see historical artifacts linking to the show’s characters and storylines.
  • Ghosts
    airs weekly on CBS.

CBS’s hit comedy series Ghosts is gearing up for its fourth season, with production slated to begin in mid-July. The exciting piece of news comes on the heels of a stunning event hosted at the Library of Congress, where the cast, including Danielle Pinnock, Richie Moriarty, and Román Zaragoza, were present for a unique exhibition. From 5 to 6 p.m., the library hosted a display of items meticulously curated to reflect the time periods of the various ghost characters from the show. The event, which provided an in-depth look at historical contexts relating to the series’ beloved characters, was a testament to the show’s commitment to blending sharp humor with historical accuracy.

Moriarty, in his conversation with Collider’s Maggie Lovitt during a roundtable interview at the event, shed light on the upcoming season’s production timeline. “So, we will start Season 4 probably mid-July-ish and then go until roughly early February, I would guess. But yeah, we don’t have a schedule yet. We know mid-July is kind of our target date.”


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We caught up with the cast of ‘Ghosts’ at the Library of Congress, where they were treated to an incredible tour of the collection.

What Items Were On Display at the ‘Ghosts’ Library of Congress Event?

The Library of Congress event served not only as a fascinating backdrop for the updates about the production but also as an incredible nod to the show’s exploration of history through its ghostly characters. Among the highlights of the collections on display were several maps and documents related to the Indigenous territories of the Hudson River Valley around 1609, showcasing the regions inhabited by Lenape villages, where Munsee was spoken, and other Indigenous communities during the time of Henry Hudson’s exploration. These items provided a glimpse into the world of Sasappis, one of the show’s characters, connecting his storyline with authentic references.

Additionally, the exhibition included early maps of Dutch settlements in New York, an account of first contact between the Lenape and European explorers, and a 19th-century hymnal in the Munsee language, among other artifacts. Each piece contributed to a deeper understanding of the historical layers behind the show’s ghostly characters, enriching the narrative with real-world connections.

As Ghosts gets ready to shoot its fourth season, the event at the Library of Congress and the cast’s insights into the upcoming production underscore the series’ unique blend of comedy and historical homage. Fans can look forward to more moments with their favorite characters while appreciating the inclusion of historical elements that give the show its distinctive charm.

Ghosts airs Thursdays at 8:30 PM ET/PT on CBS, streaming the following day on Paramount+. Be sure to read Lovitt’s full interview with the cast.

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