Good Threads Revolutionizes The Urban Wardrobe

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In an innovative collaboration, Anak in partnership with Mandai Wildlife Group launches Good Threads. This innovative performance clothing collection, specifically designed to navigate the challenges of the urban jungle, marks an important step towards sustainable innovation within the fashion industry. Good Threads personifies purpose-driven design, redefining the relationships between fashion production and sustainable processes.

Anak is a global branding practice named after the word for “child” in several Southeast Asian languages, focused on designing brands and products to inspire future generations. Committed to creating a better world, Anak serves as a hub for creators, customers and partners dedicated to positively shaping our collective future.

The Good Threads collection consists of four key pieces including the shorts, the takeaway top, the bag hat and the trash pants. Each item is uniquely designed to optimize wardrobes for new behaviors and positive changes while combining style with sustainability. Made from 100% reclaimed fabrics sourced from local thrift stores and community textile collection units, collection minimizes waste and maximizes impact through recycling and upcycling practices.

The smallest details, from buttons to clasps, come from post-consumer plastic in collaboration with Plastify, a community-based recycling studio. Each piece is a limited production and is handcrafted by Singaporean designer Hakim Samat (aka Felines Unusual).

“Our journey began by rethinking the paradigms of traditional fashion: does a shirt have to be a shirt?” asks Lee Hanyi, creative partner, Anak. “Can it do more than just look good? We have performance clothing for mountains, deserts, rivers and forests, but not for the urban jungle – the one environment where more than half the world's population lives. By designing for to action, we wanted to go beyond creating clothes of ecological origin, to drive behavioral change.”

He continues: “Each piece in the Good Threads collection is designed to address a specific challenge in everyday life: eat sustainably, shop sustainably, recycle consistently and minimize consumption. With this, we hope to create new possibilities for what clothes can do: not just change the way you look, but change the way you act.”

Good Threads embodies a commitment to sustainability and innovation, from its cutting-edge materials to its advanced design. Each piece is meticulously crafted to create a more sustainable future, empowering people to make conscious decisions seamlessly integrated into their daily lives. Recognizing the obstacles that urban life poses to sustainable practices, Good Threads emerges as a solution adapted to the demands of city life.

Good Threads is a limited edition performance clothing collection designed for urban living, created by Mandai Wildlife Group in collaboration with Anak. The collection is made from 100% reclaimed fabrics and recycled plastics, offering durable and innovative clothing options that are unforgettable, laziness-proof, spontaneity-tested and future-proof. Each piece is designed to meet the challenges of everyday city life while promoting sustainable fashion choices. All proceeds from the sale of this collection will support wildlife conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

“In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, conscious actions like recycling and using less single-use plastics can inadvertently take a back seat sometimes, despite our best intentions. Good Threads sows the idea that daily consumption habits that take the planet into account can be effortless, and in this case, even fashionable.Through personal choices, each of us can achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.Manifest and multiply a personal mantra like this, and we can change fashion together,” expressed Suzanne Ho, Senior Vice President of Brand and Communications at Mandai Wildlife Group.

She adds in her statement: “Fashion is very much loved by many. More than a style preference, it is a personal statement and an identity. It can wield the power to influence how we think about clothes and perhaps reconsider the need to consume wave after wave of fashion clothing and accessories.”

Good Threads expands on Mandai Wildlife Group's Choose Good with Mandai campaign, emphasizing the collective responsibility to protect nature and wildlife through conscious choices. The aim is to inspire green choices through simple and fashionable solutions, with all proceeds from sales supporting wildlife conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


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