‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier’s Weight Loss Journey Has Deeper Implications


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    Star Ben Napier's weight loss journey is an inspiring transformation fueled by a desire to be healthier for his family.
  • Fans have been thrilled with Ben's 95-pound weight loss, which has been openly shared on the show, creating a deeper connection with viewers.
  • Ben's dedication to health and fitness was sparked by a family history of health problems, which motivated him to make positive changes.

Fans of HGTV's hit show hometown they have fallen in love with the sweet as pie couple Erin i Ben Napier. Like many other shows on the network, the series uses a husband-and-wife team to help make the dreams of future homeowners come true. They've known the couple as the adoring wife who designs her client's homes and her burly bear of a husband who takes care of the building elements. Through all the details of bringing a new life to a house, fans have been treated to some intimate details of the Napiers and their family. But after Ben Napier's recent physical transformation, they might have been surprised to see the new man on their screens. After undergoing a dramatic 95lb weight loss, Ben revealed he did it to be healthier, to live a better and happier life. And the fans couldn't be happier for him!

Adding to the cavalcade of home renovation and makeover shows, hometown joined the HGTV lineup after a successful pilot and first season in 2016. Capturing the charm of historic Laurel, Mississippi, hometown follows Ben and Erin Napier as they work with their clients to select a home that the Napiers will turn into their dream home. Since the new owners were not involved in the process, Erin and Ben often worked with their clients' loved ones to launch some secret projects to help add that special spark that makes them theirs. hometown it has been a sweet and sugary show that has captured the hearts of the Napiers, and of the network as a whole. But like many of the network's other personalities, some off-screen moments have helped shape the future of what viewers will see. For Ben Napier, his life might have been in danger if he hadn't had a new drive and determination to improve himself.


Ben and Erin Napier work together to turn old houses into dream homes.

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January 24, 2016

Ben Napier, Erin Napier


Ben Napier's weight loss journey was sparked by an embarrassing moment

Ben and Erin Napier met as students while attending Jones County Junior College. The school was close to his hometown and the home of his future pet project, hometown. His impact on his community has extended beyond his HGTV show, as Jones County Junior College named a building that was home to craft education, designers, artisans and commercial work the Erin and Ben Napier School of Design and Building Arts. They later took their studies to the University of Mississippi, where their love continued to blossom. The Napiers officially became husband and wife in 2008. As they expanded their family, a big part of what they did hometown growing up was the foundation that Ben and Erin had established.

The physical transformation of a house was not the only transformation hometown fans have seen in recent seasons. Ben Napier's extraordinary physical transformation has given fans of him and the show something to cheer about. The moment Ben knew something had to change was when, during an interview, he noticed his shirt wouldn't stay buttoned. I knew it looked bad, but I also knew it was more than that. After that moment, The HGTV star jump started her major weight loss journey. While he began this journey of his own volition, something else caused this great transformation. After undergoing shoulder surgery, Ben's doctor altered his need for blood pressure medication, which made him realize that he needed to change his entire lifestyle. Striving to be healthier was another factor in her desire to lose some weight.

As his wife Erin noted, Ben was strict about his health and fitness. In addition to its appearance, Ben was forced to be there for his family, namely the couple's two children, Helen and Mae. He wanted to be there for his kids as long as possible, and knowing he had some health scares before he turned 40, he was determined to get better for everyone in his life. His journey was bigger than him. Ben knew that his well-being affected everyone he loved. Unlike other HGTV shows, Ben and Erin brought their health journey to the screen during filming hometown. In a 2022 episode, Ben talked about how he was changing his lifestyle for his daughters. By bringing this to the attention of longtime fans of hometown, allowed them to meet the man they liked to see. It was also an opportunity for Ben to inspire viewers and people in their own lives.



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A family history of health problems is the driving force behind Ben Napier's health journey

Ben has revealed it health problems have run in his family. With these as a factor, Ben knew he had the power to change his future by attending to his present. Before his father's 60th birthday, his father underwent emergency bypass surgery. Coincidentally, his paternal grandfather also had heart surgery that year, while he lost his maternal grandfather to a stroke. The family history awakened Ben to the problems that might arise in his own life. With his goal of being there for his family, Ben became very involved in the world of health, fitness and diet.

Like many people hoping to lose weight, it was the old faithful that helped get the job done. Ben used the family's home gym and drastically changed his eating habits. His wife also said he would get up early in the morning to play basketball in the backyard. Since starting his weight loss journey, Ben has lost 95 pounds. It's definitely an incredible achievement to be celebrated! Ben is a complete inspiration to many who hope to follow in his footsteps. When it comes to eating better, Ben mainly focused on a hearty meal for dinner with healthy snacks with his wife in the evening. Thanks to his wife's eating habits, Ben adapted his ways — Helping him lose weight has become a complete family affair! With Erin there for Ben to motivate him, it showed the beautiful bond they have that has been shown to hometown.

And now, the HGTV star's mission is accomplished! Ben's health goal has been reached, and he and Erin couldn't be happier. He hasn't even been too shy to share some shirtless selfies with the world! Erin has stated that she wants to see her husband live forever, so she is beyond proud of her husband's success. hometown has been that feel-good show that has brought viewers to HGTV season after season. Thanks to Ben's feel-good story, fans feel even more connected to the Napiers.

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