Honor to Bring Google Cloud-Powered Generative AI Features to Its Devices, Shares AI Strategy


Honor became the latest smartphone brand to enter the artificial intelligence (AI) race after announcing its four-layer AI strategy and plans to integrate 'AI for the future in a VivaTech 2024 session on Wednesday. The company also announced that it will introduce generative AI features leveraging Google Cloud. However, the Chinese smartphone maker also intends to create an AI-centric user interface within its Android-based MagicOS skin. The interface will integrate with cross-device and operating system functionality at its core and scale from there.

Honor's four-layer AI architecture

During a session at the VivaTech 2024 event in Paris, Honor highlighted how it plans to integrate AI into its MagicOS user interface. There will be four layers in this architecture. At the core level, cross-device and cross-OS AI capabilities will be prioritized to create an open ecosystem.

Honor's four-layer AI architecture
Photo credit: PR Newswire/Honor

The second and third layers will later focus on platform-level AI and application-level AI. The company said that a platform-centric AI would help create a personalized operating system experience, while application-level integration will allow developers to build generative AI-based applications.

Finally, the fourth and top layer will focus on cloud-based integration of AI services. These may include company-provided features that run on Honor's servers or partnerships with other companies that offer similar services. In particular, the smartphone maker confirmed that it will use Google Cloud to provide AI functions to its devices.

Honor for leveraging AI features through Google Cloud

Partnering with Google, Honor will integrate Gemini's cloud-based AI features and extend them to its devices. While the Chinese brand did not confirm whether these features will only include the Android-based AI features that the Mountain View-based tech giant includes or exclusive cloud-based features during the event, a company spokesperson did more light

According to a CNBC report, the spokesperson confirmed that Honor will take advantage of the Gemini AI assistant and its Imagen 2 text-to-picture generator. This could be a unique offering from Honor, as no other smartphone brand has offered this generation of images. model to users so far.

Separately, Honor CEO George Zhao, in a statement to TechRadar, said the company believes its four-layer AI architecture will deliver an intent-based user experience that can rival Galaxy AI's Samsung. In particular, MagicOS 8.0, which started rolling out last month, will get this integration.


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