How Charlize Theron’s Reacted to Guillermo’s Tequila Shoutout at Oscar


Charlize Theron made a shocking discovery at the 2024 Oscars.

During the March 10 ceremony, the Old Guard star was stunned by Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Guillermo Rodriguez‘s declaration that they are married…sort of.

During a bit, Guillermo yelled that he “got tequila for everyone in the audience.”

But while Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel stressed the telecast didn’t “have time for a toast,” Guillermo declared that they most certainly do, going on before he started toasting stars in the room like “Colman Flamingo” and “John Krachinski” and adding, “I love everyone here.”

But he saved the best for last when he toasted Charlize. “I love my beautiful wife, Ms. Charlize Theron,” he professed to the Oscar winner. “I love you, you’re my angel.”

Charlize, who was clad in a stunning silver Christian Dior silk gown, appeared surprised by the callout but laughed along—and enjoyed a shot of tequila and laughed out loud with those around her.


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