How ‘Chicago P.D.’s Season Finale Pulled Off THAT Unexpected Cameo


The big picture

  • Chicago P.D
    The season 11 finale brought back Olinsky in a surprising cameo, keeping it simple and true to the nature of the show.
  • Showrunner Gwen Sigan says bringing Elias Koteas back as Olinsky was a long time in the making, a special moment for the cast and crew.
  • The cameo was intended to keep Voight alive and wake him up, with a pitch from Jason Beghe leading to Olinsky's return.

The Chicago P.D The Season 11 finale resolved several of the cliffhangers that had been developing throughout the season, but also featured a surprise cameo. Elias Koteas is one of the show's original cast members, but his character died in season 5. Olinsky was also one of the people Voight connected with the most, acting as Voight's moral compass to keep him from going off the deep end . The finale saw Koteas reprise the character briefly when he appeared to Voight while in captivity. Chicago P.Dshowrunner of, Gwen Sigan, spoke to TV Insider about this cameo and how it came about. He talked about getting a pitch Jason Beghe about how to get Koteas back, and since the time was right, they went ahead with it. He spoke again about working with Koteas and said:

“This is something that's been in the works for a long time. Jason actually had this plot to get back at Elias in a way. I think for Jason, Elias lives in his head, right? It's just a part of who it's Voight. And so he finally had an opportunity where all the stories converged and made sense to bring him back in that way. And yes, I'm very grateful that it worked, grateful to Elias for coming back and do it with us, and I was there It was such a special moment to have him back, he looks exactly the same and we have him back in his suit.

Why 'Chicago PD' Returned to Olinsky

The show isn't known for dabbling in the supernatural, especially with appearances by dead characters. Sigan spoke about keeping the cameo true to the show and Olinsky's nature. He revealed that the cameo was meant to keep Voight alive, and that was the most effective way to think it would happen, saying:

“Yeah, we knew we wanted to keep it simple. That's a bit of a leap for our show. We don't do things like that. We're certainly always in our characters' point of view, and we're usually going through I so we wanted to be very simple, I thought it would be more powerful and if I came back to you in a moment, that's how, in my mind, I came back, just to give you information and wake you up, wake you up.”

Chicago P.D Season 12 premieres this fall on NBC. Catch up on all the seasons at Peacock.

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