INVINCIBLE Season 2 Part 2 Sets Its Release Date


Ready for more of Prime Video’s Invincible? We bet you are because after a long wait for season two, only the first half of the season (four episodes) aired in November 2023. But luckily, fans won’t have to wait too much longer for the rest of season two. Invincible season two, part two, has officially set its Prime Video release date. The second half of the season will air this March. Four more episodes of Invincible are waiting just around the corner for us.

Blood, explosions, tension in the air. The teaser for Invincible season two, part two, is incredibly short, but it does manage to convey all of these ideas effectively. We left our heroes in quite a bind when the first half of season two aired late last year. And it looks like part two of Invincible‘s second season will pick up right where things left off (blood trail and all). We’d expect no less from this deliciously gory animated series.

But, ultimately, what this teaser gives us is a confirmation of Invincible season two, part two’s release date. New episodes of Invincible will premiere on Thursday, March 14. The last four episodes of season two will drop weekly. That’s not too far away now, especially when you hold it up against the last wait Invincible fans had to wait.

Invincible shot from part one finale of bloody Mark Grayson (1)
Prime Video

We don’t yet know any more about these upcoming episodes. No episode titles, synopses, or anything else has been released for season two’s later chapters. But hopefully, Prime Video will soon release a fuller teaser for the second part of Invincible season two, and we’ll have something to buzz over. For now, we guess we’ll have to sit in a pool of our blood and hope the Viltrumites don’t attack us before March. Invincible season two (part two), here we come.


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