Joel Kinnaman-Led ‘Silent Night’ Sets 4K UHD & Blu-ray Release Date


The Big Picture

  • John Woo returned to American cinema with the revenge-soaked thriller, Silent Night, his first American movie in two decades.
  • Silent Night follows a father’s intense grief and pain after his son is killed by a local gangster, leading him on a bloody quest for revenge.
  • Joel Kinnaman delivers a challenging performance with little dialogue, performing stunts for the film, which earned praise from Woo.

This past Christmas holiday saw the return of John Woo to American cinema with the release of the revenge-soaked thriller, Silent Night. The movie marked the legendary director’s first American movie in two decades and, in signature Woo fashion, did not hold back on the gritty action. Perhaps your holiday watchlist was too broad, and you couldn’t make time for Silent Night, or you’re just an action lover who enjoys collecting holiday pieces for repeat viewing, then you’re in luck, as Lionsgate is making the movie available at home with a 4K Ultra High Definition Steelbook and Blu-ray release from January 30.

While John Wick‘s pressure point for going on a murderous rampage across the criminal underworld was his dog, the vengeance of Silent Night is steeped in the unimaginable sorrow that follows the loss of a young son. The film follows Woo’s signature action style, but it features very, very little dialogue whatsoever. The feature follows Brian Godluck (Joel Kinnaman), a father who, as a simple family man is enjoying Christmas Day, before local gangster, Playa (Harold Torres) kills his young son and takes away his ability to speak. Godluck is sent into a spiral of intense grief and pain which soon morphs into a deeper hunger for bloody revenge against the criminals who are responsible for his pain. In this state, words don’t matter, just bullets and cold hard steel. While Silent Night has been largely met with mixed reviews, the movie still packs enough action to cater to the intense preferences of most action lovers.

Pulling off a performance with little-to-no dialogue was one that proved challenging to Kinnaman and saw the actor attempt to adopt the method acting technique. Kinnaman shared during his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon how he convinced his fiancĂ© not to let him speak to her throughout shooting. It was a decision he’d later go back on after struggling with isolation on and off-set. Kinnaman’s effort did pay off regardless as he explained that his intense silent taxi rides to and fro filming charged him up enough for the silence needed for the role. In addition to attempting method, Kinnaman also performed all his stunts for the movie, an effort that earned him much praise from Woo.

Who Else Is Involved In Silent Night?

A production between Thunder Road Films and Capstone Studios, Silent Night was written by Robert Archer Lynn (Prisoner). The film co-stars Scott Mescudi (a.k.a Kid Cudi) as a police officer, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Harold Torres. The physical release will be made available in both 4K UHD and Blu-ray versions with both coming with a bonus featurette titled, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words,” as well as the theatrical trailer.

Silent Night will be made available for physical purchase from January 30. Stay tuned to Collider for updates.

Silent Night

A grieving father enacts his long-awaited revenge against a ruthless gang on Christmas Eve.

Release Date
December 1, 2023

104 minutes

Robert Archer Lynn


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