Kris Jenner Raises Concerns Among Friends and Family Amidst Multiple Rumors of Nose Jobs


Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian family, has stirred apprehensions among friends and family due to persistent rumors surrounding her numerous nose jobs. The 68-year-old reality TV star’s multiple rhinoplasties have rendered her unrecognizable to many fans and close associates, prompting calls for her to exercise restraint with her plastic surgeries, with some going so far as to suggest she may have gone too far.

The concerns arise from the perceived significant alteration in Kris Jenner nose compared to past photographs, sparking speculation about the extent of her cosmetic interventions. Fans have voiced worries, describing her nose as appearing to be “hanging on by a thread,” raising concerns about potential complications from the surgeries.

Kris Jenner Raises Concerns Among Friends and Family Amidst Multiple Rumors of Nose Jobs

Dr. Yoel Shahar, a New York plastic surgeon who has not treated Kris, shared his insights with Life & Style. He observed that Kris initially had a “decent nose” until attempts were made to narrow it, resulting in an asymmetrical position on the left side while the lower half of her nose remained in the midline. Shahar suggested that Kris might require further surgery to address this issue.

Dr. Otto Placik of Chicago added his perspective, indicating that he believed Kris had an initial nose job in 2007, followed by subsequent reconstruction with a cartilage graft to correct the 2007 nose. This suggests a series of procedures over the years, intensifying speculation about the extent of her cosmetic work.

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner

Kris’s recent Instagram photo alongside Dee Ocleppo, wife of designer Tommy Hilfiger, has fueled additional discussions about her nose. Concerns were raised about the appearance of her nostril, with some describing it as “collapsed” and others expressing worry that her nose had been “used and abused.”

In response to the rumors, Dr. Fadi Hamaani, a plastic surgeon, and aesthetic doctor at Fadi Hamaani Clinic, along with Saleena Zimri, Founder of Skin Doctor Clinics, speculated that Kris likely undergoes regular treatments to enhance her skin texture and firmness. They also suggested a rhinoplasty, noting the noticeable difference in her nose compared to pictures taken many years ago.

In summary, the multiple rumors surrounding Kris Jenner’s nose jobs have sparked significant concerns among her close circle, highlighting worries about potential health risks and the extent of her cosmetic procedures. The ongoing speculation and concerns contribute to the broader debate about the ethics and potential health implications of frequent cosmetic surgery.

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