LEGO TIE Interceptor Brings the Dreaded STAR WARS Imperial Fighter to Brick Form


War of the galaxies and LEGO continues celebrate together 25 years of collaboration with a new Sith-tastic build set, the return of the Imperial TIE Interceptor. This iconic symbol of the Empire's war fleet was part of the first release of the Ultimate Collector Series in 2000. Now it's back in a new and updated modern version. LEGO fans can show off one of the coolest ships from Return of the Jedirecreating the distinctive wings, detailed cockpit and laser cannons that blew up Rebel Alliance ships at the Battle of Endor. You can see images of the new LEGO TIE Interceptor in our gallery below:

War of the galaxies LEGO 25th Anniversary TIE Interceptor Building Set

This incredible 1,931-piece set measures 40cm/16in long and includes an exclusive TIE Pilot minifigure and a mouse droid minifigure. The Imperial Mouse Droid minifigure is limited to this set only. The TIE Interceptor is mounted on a stand with a printed plate and includes a printed brick. The brick is 3.2 centimeters/1.3 inches wide, 0.8 centimeters/0.3 inches long, and 3.2 centimeters/1.3 inches tall. It also comes with the LEGO War of the galaxies birthday logo. The set will set you back $229.00. You can pre-order it from the official LEGO site on May 4, aka War of the galaxies Day.

Diorama LEGO Star Wars Mos Espa Podrace.

As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, new LEGO War of the galaxies The content will also be coming to LEGO Fortnite starting May 3rd. Plus, there's a new LEGO War of the galaxies coffee table book on the way, The power of creativity. Includes interviews with more than 50 collaborators from the LEGO Group and Lucasfilm. Other new additions include a Tatooine Mos Espa Podrace diorama construction set. The 718-piece set includes Anakin Skywalker, the Arc Canyon, and a plaque with one of Qui-Gon Jinn's inspirational lines from the movie. Also from The Phantom Menace is a droideka set and six collectible LEGO Brickheadz. We're sure none of this is the end of the War of the galaxies LEGO 25th Anniversary Celebration.


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