Lenny Kravitz Reveals He’s Celibate 9 Years After Last Relationship


Gayle King Takes Shots With Lenny Kravitz, Asks Him If He Can 'Glove' His Girlfriend's 'Ass'

Lenny Kravitz keep letting love rule, but not sex.

Almost 20 years after vowing to remain celibate until marriage, the hunger games star explained that he is currently committed to staying put until he meets the right person.

As Kravitz explained the guardian in an interview published on May 30, “It's a spiritual thing.”

The “American Girl” rocker, who turned 60 on May 26, also shared an update on his love life, noting that he hasn't been in a serious relationship in nine years and thought he might struggle if he was in one now “I've become very set in my ways,” he said, “in the way I live.”

But even though the four-time Grammy winner is now happily single, when it comes to his relationship history, he's no stranger to stepping into the spotlight. After all, he was married to Lisa Bonetwith whom he shares ZoĆ« Kravitzfor six years until their divorce in 1993. And he admitted that after his marriage from the The Cosby Show alum, became more like his late father, noting, “I became a gamer.”


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