Lincolnshire Disabled People Refuse To Vote Conservative Party

Lincolnshire Disabled People Refuse To Vote Conservative Party

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Lincolnshire MPs are in serious trouble with disabled people

With Rishi Sunak's attack on disabled people and his aim to change the future of PIP (Personal Independence Payment) which thousands of disabled people rely on, Lincolnshire MPs could find themselves out of a job at the next election generals

Rishi Sunak could face the biggest defeat in the history of the Conservative Party in the general election on July 4. According to our research, a section of the public who will not vote for Tory MPs will be those with a disability or long-term illness.

The Prime Minister made the shock announcement that the general election will be held on July 4. Not only the people of Lincolnshire and the UK were shocked, but also some Tory MPs.

Rishi Sunak, who has become one of the most unpopular prime ministers of our generation, reportedly failed to tell some of his MPs that the general election will be held on July 4. This has left them in a panic because they don't have enough time to try to convince people to vote for them with the current hatred of the Tory party.

Lincolnshire MPs hope to convince people in Skegness, Boston, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Grantham, Louth, Spalding and Cleethorpes to vote for them. But with disabled people and the long-term ill feeling victimised, Lincolnshire MPs could face an uphill battle to be re-elected.

Rishi Sunak said he wants to tackle the so-called sickness culture in the UK. He also said he wanted fewer disabled people to work. He went on to say he wants to make it harder for people to get a sick note and claim PIP which has left many angry disabled people worried.

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The charity Scope described the plans as an all-out assault on disabled people. According to a Scope spokesman, the reforms were planned to cut costs and had nothing to do with supporting people with disabilities.

This anger from disabled people who feel Rishi Sunak is targeting vulnerable people rather than helping them could see Lincolnshire MPs not re-elected.

We asked 300 people in Lincolnshire who had a disability and suffered from long-term health problems and their opinion of the current Prime Minister is the sooner the better.

Of the 300 people we spoke to, 296 of them said they will not be voting for a Tory MP for Lincolnshire in the general election on July 4.

Many of those we spoke to previously voted Conservative at the last general election but will now vote Labour. This is very damaging for Lincolnshire, which is known for having mostly Tory MPs.

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According to every disabled person we spoke to, Rishi Sunak and the Conservative government have no interest in helping vulnerable people who cannot work.

Lincolnshire MPs have done themselves no favors under Rishi Sunak. As reported in Lincolnshire News todayall Tory MPs in Lincolnshire did not support a plan stop selling ninja swords. This led to many Lincolnshire parents calling for Lincolnshire MPs to stand down immediately, which none of the Lincolnshire MPs listened to.

With disabled people feeling strongly that the current government doesn't care about them, and with millions of people in Lincolnshire struggling to get by with the high cost of living, the next general election could see no Tory MPs representing our region


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