Linda Hamilton Shares Her Struggle with Hip Pain


  • Linda Hamilton considered retiring from acting due to hip pain and the physical demands of her roles.
  • His decision to retire was influenced by his desire to play characters that are not just military oriented.
  • An unexpected call from “Stranger Things” led her to participate in the series, despite her initial plans to retire.
  • Hamilton is now exploring roles that allow him to play characters that aren't just military, expressing gratitude for the opportunity.

Linda Hamilton, a well-known actress known for her roles in “The Terminator” and “Resident Alien,” has opened up about her struggle with hip pain that almost led her to retire from acting before she got his role in the fifth and final season of “Stranger Things”. Hamilton, now 67, has suffered from hip pain for several years, which he described as debilitating and a major factor in his decision to consider retirement.

Hamilton's decision to retire was not solely due to physical strain, but also stemmed from his desire to be able to make plans and ensure his availability, a common challenge for actors who often have to juggle multiple commitments He confided in his agent about his health issues while preparing for the third season of “Resident Alien,” expressing doubts about being able to commit to the project due to his hip pain.

Linda Hamilton shares her struggle with hip pain

Her agent, however, did not take her concerns seriously at the time, leading to a situation where Hamilton was offered a role in “Stranger Things” just two weeks later without her agent consulting her.

Reflecting on his past roles, Hamilton mentioned that shooting “Terminator: Dark Fate” was the best and worst moment of his life, describing it as a triathlon with constant physical demands. She also shared her exhaustion after the shoot, which led her to read 40 books to rest her mind and body. Hamilton expressed her eagerness to explore various roles that allow her not to be the military persona she often portrays, highlighting her desire to bring a different side of herself to her work.

Linda Hamilton
Linda Hamilton

Despite her early contemplation of retirement, Hamilton was open to coming out of retirement for “Stranger Things,” even if she had previously dropped out. He sees his participation in the show as an opportunity to connect with a new audience and believes his “The Terminator” fan base will continue to support his work. Hamilton also mentioned his practice of not watching “Stranger Things” or his own show, “Resident Alien,” while participating in it, in order to maintain an objective perspective.

Linda Hamilton's struggle with hip pain was a major factor in her decision to consider retiring from acting. However, her agent's quick response to an offer from “Stranger Things” led to a change of heart, and she is now looking forward to bringing a new dimension to her roles and engaging with a wider audience.

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