Lindsay Hubbard Wanted Her “Scandoval” Moment


The Big Picture

  • Lindsay wanted to be noticed like Ariana Madix.
  • Lindsay and Carl’s relationship had underlying issues.
  • Lindsay compared Carl to Sandoval during arguments.

“Summer should be fun!” viewers and the Summer House cast members have been saying since the reality show’s newest season. It seemed like the group had finally found its rhythm back together, and the summer was fun. What was different, some may ask. It may be evident that the cast members from Summer House showed they were having more fun without Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, which may be one sign that something was already wrong in the relationship. This season has shown viewers what was wrong with Lindsay and Carl’s relationship.

When they broke their engagement, it made news because Lindsay had been working towards it, and it seemed she would finally get that fairytale wedding. Still, her engagement with fan-favorite castmate Carl Radke made this breakup even more enjoyable. Is it as essential and shocking as “Scandoval?” No, but it still was shocking. Throughout the season, Lindsay has already made two “Scandoval” references, showing how she thought her situation was and how she wants to be admired like Ariana. What she does have to realize is that her problem is entirely different from “Scandoval.”

Summer House

For years, this group of friends has been spending their weekends, from Memorial Day to Labour Day, at one of the most exclusive beaches on the East Coast. As soon as they arrive, they throw themselves into this luxury lifestyle.

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January 9, 2017

Kyle Cooke , Lindsay Hubbard , Carl Radke , Amanda Batula


Lindsay Hubbard Wanted To Be Ariana MDIX

Lindsay Hubbard looks out of place in the kitchen of 'Summer House'
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When “Scandoval” broke the internet, it wasn’t because it was another celebrity breakup; what made it different was that the breakup was of having a 10-year relationship fall apart because the guy cheated with the girl’s best friend. Anyone will say that is not right, and it enhanced it even more by being a couple on a hit reality show. After “Scandoval” happened, the person who got all the accolades was Ariana Madix since it was essential to see how she would come back after her relationship fell apart. She has made a name for herself and gotten recognized for her hard work, such as in Dancing with the Stars and Roxie Hart on Broadway’s play Chicago. She has found lots of success, and it was bound to happen for fellow Bravolebs to be a little jealous since they haven’t noticed like that. Lindsay is one of them.


“Summer House” Has Their Best Cast in Years

Summer is finally fun again in the Hamptons with the cast of “Summer House.”

In the first episode, Lindsay wanted it to be known that she and Carl would be missing the first weekend because they were going to the White House for the Fourth of July. She clarified that she preferred to do that but also mentioned how they would be on the lawn and not inside the White House like Ariana Madix was. It is evident from the tone of her voice that she seemed maybe bitter but also jealous since she didn’t have that opportunity. Bravolebrities will always have a chance to be recognized, but to be recognized by the White House is a big deal that not everyone gets. Even though Lindsay and Carl had not broken up during this time, it is interesting for her to bring that up in conversation while cameras are rolling on them and talking about another show.

Carl and Sandoval Are Not the Same

Lindsay Hubbard is irritated talking with Carl Radke on 'Summer House'
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As Summer House has progressed, it is clear Lindsay and Carl had underlying issues in their relationship, and it doesn’t help that many of their arguments happen while not being sober. During one of their fights, Lindsay accused Carl of breaking his sobriety, which took the argument to another level since something that Carl has been proud of himself is continuing his sober journey. Throughout these arguments, Lindsay sees nothing wrong in her comments and does not take accountability for her actions. Even after their argument, she did not take responsibility and started pointing out that Carl was becoming like Tom Sandoval because he was getting angry with her. This was another instance where she began dropping hints that she wanted her moment for viewers to feel bad for her, but this caused many viewers to turn against her because she hadn’t apologized for many of her comments. As the season progresses, viewers can see who is like Tom Sandoval.

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