Louisiana legislature approves bill to classify abortion pills as controlled substances


Supreme Court arguments for abortion drugs

Supreme Court to hear arguments on abortion drugs


washington – The Louisiana Senate approved a bill Thursday that would classify drugs used in medical abortions as controlled substances, criminalizing possession of the drugs without a prescription. It now heads to the governor for his signature.

The state Senate passed the bill 29 to 7 after the House passed it earlier this week. Republican Gov. Jeff Landry is expected to sign the bill, making Louisiana the first state to classify misoprostol and mifepristone, the two drugs used in an early-stage pregnancy termination regimen, as controlled substances.

The scheme accounts for more than half of all abortions in the US, making it a key access road for those who support abortion rights and a target for abortion opponents. Drugs are usually designated as controlled substances when they are considered addictive, such as opioids or depressants. And the designation allows states to create a database of who gets the drugs. It is also a crime to possess the drug without a prescription. But under the legislation, pregnant women are exempt from prosecution.

Abortion is already prohibited in Louisiana under most circumstances. Exceptions are made when the abortion is considered necessary to avoid the risk of death of the mother or when the pregnancy is “medically futile”. But the legislation could be a template for other states to target the medication that is commonly used in early pregnancies.

The Biden-Harris campaign in full force criticized effort on Wednesday, hosting a press conference with former New Orleans mayor and Biden campaign co-chairman Mitch Landrieu that laid the blame squarely on former President Donald Trump.

“Women in Louisiana are one step closer to living in a world where they can be monitored and tracked and even sent to prison for just possessing FDA-approved drugs,” Landrieu said. “What's happening here in Louisiana is just one example of this dystopian agenda that Trump and his allies are pushing.”

The drugs are also used outside of abortions, for other care such as managing miscarriages. Ellie Schilling, a Louisiana attorney who specializes in reproductive health laws, told reporters the bill would make it harder to use the drugs for medically necessary purposes and lead the government to monitor pregnant women and those who prescribe the drug. .


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