Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Responds After Megan Fox Defends Her


Clay Gravesande and AD Smith: Not together

While Clay expressed his reluctance to marry due to his own perspective on his father's infidelity, AD assured him that they would make it as a couple and that everything seemed to be fine between the two.

But once faced with the task of saying I do forever at the altar, Clay said I do do not do it instead he told AD he wouldn't be “responsible” for getting married knowing he wasn't ready.

Point the shock.

“I'm going to work for you,” he told AD, “and we're going to get through this together. I don't care what anyone says; I know full well that I'm not ready for marriage and that you deserve the best. What if I'm not ready for give you 100 percent, I'm not going with you when I'm not ready … I can't say yes right now.”

It was a revelation that caused AD to tearfully declare that the relationship was a waste of his “time power”.

As for Clay, she also revealed that financial and emotional ties played a role in her leaving. “I looked in the mirror and said, 'Am I a husband?'” he admitted, “and the answer was no. Am I deeply in love? The answer was no'”.

During the meeting, Clay expressed that he made a mistake and wanted to date AD, but she was coy about ever considering getting back together.

AD confessed that he went on a couple of dates with the co-star Mateu Duliba after filming wrapped, but they are not together.


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