Madewell Men’s Spring 2024 Collection Is A Community Collaboration

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Madewell Men’s has unveiled its Spring 2024 collection, partnering with their vibrant community of Creatives spanning New York City, led by designer and creative director, Aaron Levine. Madewell Men’s has created a manifest showcasing how their latest collection seamlessly integrates into the everyday uniform of their loyal supporters.

During a dinner at Emilio’s Ballato Italian restaurant in Soho, New York, Levine thanked his constituents on the project for bringing the Madewell Men’s Spring ‘24 collection come to life as he envisioned it, noting, “I’d like to thank everybody that was involved in this. It’s huge [and] super fun.”

“You look around the table, in a room like this, and hopefully, you feel you have arrived – to where you are, wherever that is. Without the help of some of the people like this – no one [really] gets anywhere on their own. This is a lot for me, and I appreciate it.”

The Spring 2024 collection from Madewell Men’s promises a refreshed approach to warm weather dressing, featuring essential styles designed to elevate your wardrobe. From the timeless appeal of the 1991 Straight-Leg Jeans to the versatility of the Lined Work Jacket, these pieces are set to become staples in your closet. Additionally, the collection boasts everyday on-trend pieces like the Cotton-Hemp Blend Unstructured Blazer and the Madewell x G.H.BASS Larson Weejuns Loafers, ensuring you have everything you need for effortless style.

Titled “A Style Story,” Spring 2024 seasonal pieces are blended with vintage-inspired designs, including the 1991 Straight-Leg Jeans, offering a nostalgic fit, and the Lined Work Jacket, designed with a classic workwear aesthetic. The Carpenter Jeans combine rugged style with versatility, and the Cotton-Hemp Blend Unstructured Blazer has a relaxed silhouette with functional pockets. The Cotton-Hemp Blend Pleated Trousers offer a polished and versatile pant option while the Cotton-Wool Blend Trousers offer a blend of comfort and sophistication, bridging a love for denim with a dress pant presentation.

To bring their latest collection to life, “A Style Story” is a collaboration with seven friends of the brand who embody the essence of effortless style, featuring Aaron Levine. Aaron Levine is the Senior Vice President of Men’s and Women’s Design at Abercrombie & Fitch, a leading global retailer known for its casual luxury apparel. With roots in the Midwest and a degree from Virginia Tech, Levine brings a unique perspective to the fashion industry, blending his Midwest upbringing with his passion for design.

Levine’s journey in fashion design stems from houses like Jack Spade, where he honed his skills as a designer before moving on to Club Monaco as the Vice President of Men’s Design. During his tenure at Club Monaco, Levine played a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s aesthetic, contributing to its success as a contemporary lifestyle label.

In 2015, Levine joined Abercrombie & Fitch as the Vice President of Men’s Design, where he continued to make waves in the industry with his innovative designs and keen understanding of consumer trends. In his current role as Senior Vice President, Levine oversees both the men’s and women’s design teams, driving forward Abercrombie & Fitch’s commitment to delivering stylish and high-quality apparel to its customers.

Based in the Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area, Levine remains deeply connected to his Midwest roots, drawing inspiration from the region’s distinct fashion culture, with over a decade of experience. Levine invited some of his New York City friends to help craft the collection aesthetic. Collaborators include Josh Peskowitz, designer and journalist, Joekenneth Museau, artist and content creator, Jake Woolf, style writer and content creator, Marlon Taylor-Wiles, art director, Isaac Hindin-Miller, DJ and content creator, and Denny Balmaceda, creative director, stylist, and content creator. This diverse group fosters a unique perspective that infuses their personalized flair into their curated looks.

Each member of the A Style Story initiative took full control of styling their Madewell looks, adding their own personal touch with elements from their own wardrobe. From vintage jewelry to western belts and bucket hats, each individual displays these foundational Madewell pieces to serve as the perfect canvas for expressing daily, casual style.

A stunning display of how Madewell seamlessly integrates into the everyday lives of its community members, proving that their pieces are not just clothing but a statement of personal expression. As the Spring 2024 collection prepares to hit the shelves, Madewell Men’s invites its audience to a journey of style, community, and self-expression. Madewell Men’s continues to redefine its interpretation of dressing with confidence and authenticity.


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