Millie Bobby Brown Strongly Defends Her Evolving Accent Following Criticism: ‘I Don’t Do It Intentionally’


Millie Bobby Brown has responded to criticism regarding her shifting accent, clarifying that the changes are not deliberate but rather a natural adjustment influenced by her surroundings and the individuals she engages with.

The 20-year-old actress, recognized for her role in “Stranger Things,” has been promoting her new film “Damsel,” drawing attention for her accent oscillating between British and American in various interviews. This transition has sparked discussions and online comments, with observers noting distinct accent variations based on the interview context.

Millie Bobby Brown Strongly Defends Her Evolving Accent Following Criticism: ‘I Don’t Do It Intentionally’

Brown addressed the matter in an interview with podcaster Max Balegde, underscoring her growth as an actor in the public eye, predominantly in America. She explained that her accent modifications stem from her inclination to mirror the speech of those around her, whether it be her fiancé, Jake Bongiovi, whose accent is distinctly American, or when she’s in England, where her British accent becomes more pronounced. Brown emphasized that these shifts are unintentional, expressing apologies if they cause offense and emphasizing her sincere effort to adapt.

Public responses to Brown’s accent fluctuations have been diverse, with some comprehending her reasons for tailoring her speech to different environments and others expressing bewilderment or concern. Brown’s clarification has offered transparency on the organic evolution of her accent, highlighting the nuanced nature of speech patterns in response to surroundings and interpersonal interactions.

Beyond her acting career, Brown has enthusiastically shared details about her upcoming wedding to Jake Bongiovi, expressing gratitude for her relationship and anticipation for shared life experiences. This personal facet of her life has been a prominent focus in recent interviews, showcasing her current happiness and the support she receives from her fiancé.

In conclusion, Millie Bobby Brown has addressed critiques of her accent variations, attributing them to a natural adaptation to her surroundings and social circles rather than a deliberate choice. Her explanation sheds light on the complexities of accent changes, receiving understanding from the public and underscoring the inherent evolution of speech patterns in response to one’s environment and relationships.

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