Mysterious Steven Spielberg ‘Event Film’ Added to Universal’s Slate for 2026


Steven Spielberg is just one of the most famous and acclaimed filmmakers in the world. I'll bet that even if you don't care about movies, you already know the name Steven Spielberg. Jurassic Park, catch me if you can, the remaining. Even if a particular movie he's doing isn't our cup of tea, we're always interested in hearing about it. That said, we still like to know what the movie is, you know, is. But, in accordance with Limit dateSpielberg's next film is a legitimate mystery.


Universal has added an “event title” to its slate for summer 2026. Spielberg will create and direct the original project alongside regular collaborator, screenwriter David Koepp. And guess what! That's all we know right now. Spielberg can make event movies, we know that. It's what he's done for almost his entire career. And the idea of ​​an original creation certainly intrigued us, given the glut of IP-based fare we always have in the works.

So put May 15, 2026 on your calendar and hope it's not a secret Player on point two.


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