‘Naked & Afraid XL’ Returns With a Grueling Season in New Images


The big picture

  • Naked and Afraid XL
    Season 10 returns with elite survivors taking on a 40-day challenge in the Colombian desert, battling extreme conditions and dangerous wildlife.
  • Exclusive previews feature returning favorites like Lynsey McCarver and Sam Mouzer, along with 10 other seasoned survivors pushing their limits.
  • With promises of unexpected twists and challenges, the next season will test contestants with harsh terrain, deadly creatures and a 40-mile course.

Discovery Channel's Ultimate Survivor Challenge, Naked and Afraid XL will officially return for season 10. The show returns on May 12, 2024and will focus on the next generation of elite survivors as they test their mettle by taking on the show's 40-day survival challenge.

Discovery has released two exclusive previews of the season premiere, featuring the returning survivors. Lynsey McCarver i Sam Mouser respectively, as they try to fight the Colombian desert. They will be joined by 10 other returning survivors who have completed the 21 days. Naked and scared challenge and now we fight Naked and Afraid XL.

The 10th installment of the reality show will see contestants battling triple-digit temperatures and electrical storms that will push them to their limits. The official description for the upcoming season promises an unexpected twist and details what the survivors will face with the following words:

“Not only will they endure blood-sucking mosquitoes, ants and ticks, disease-carrying parasites, as well as stalking jaguars and a territorial six-foot alligator, but they will now also have to travel 40 miles across six unique terrains to reach the end of the challenge.”

The season premiere of 'Naked and Afraid XL' features fan favorites from the original show

The trailer of the Naked and Afraid XL The season 10 premiere begins with the show's familiar premise, as a group of survivors are left out in the wild without clothes. Then they must find food and shelter to help them spend 40 days in the Colombian desert. Returning survivors include Short Earth from Naked and scared Season 14 and Naked and scared: solowho announced his return to nature on Instagram.

He has also joined it Heather Smith which appeared in Naked and scared Season 15 alongside one of six castaways who completed a three-week desert island challenge in the franchise's 2023 spin-off, Naked and scared: shipwrecked. Other familiar names include Kaiela Hobart from Naked and scared season 11, Nathan Martinez of season 10, i Adam Kavanagh from season 12, among others.

But even with their experience, the trailer shows the struggle of the survivors as they visit six different terrains in 40 days. “It's absolutely soul-crushing,” says one survivor as the screen shows the challenges they'll face. Towards the end of the trailer, we can also see the doctors being called into a scene, leaving the audience with the promise of “hell”, “pain” and “torment”.

So tune in Sunday, May 12 at 8:00 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel for the season premiere of Naked and Afraid XL. The new installment will later be available to stream on Discovery Plus. Check out the trailer below:

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