‘Now You See Me 3’ Might Film Very Soon, Says Jesse Eisenberg


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  • Jesse Eisenberg says
    Now You See Me 3
    is expected to film soon.
  • Eisenberg credits the film’s success to teamwork and great actors.
  • There is currently no release date for
    Now You See Me 3.

Back in November, Jesse Eisenberg spoke with Collider and told us how desperate he was to make a sequel to the Now You See Me franchise. The magician-led heist movies have been a great hit with audiences and, surprisingly perhaps, for a serious actor like Eisenberg, are some of his favorite films. Now, a few months later, Eisenberg has confirmed that progress on the sequel is moving fast — and that they hope to shoot this year.

Speaking to Collider’s Perri Nemiroff at SXSW while promoting his latest project, Sasquatch Sunset, Eisenberg revealed that a screenplay for the movie has been completed and that he anticipates it starting production in “the next six months”. Nemiroff opined that the movie’s lasting success came down to being an original movie that had the scope to build a franchise, which allowed it to accumulate a strong fanbase, something which Eisenberg agreed with. The actor also noted that the film celebrated intelligence over brute force, something which many films these days tend to overlook.

“Yeah, I did [read the script]. Hopefully it will happen in the next six months. I think it will, it seems like it will. Yeah, it’s really great,” said the Oscar-nominated star of The Social Network. “I also agree with you. For me, the thing I love about it so much, having just read the script, it celebrates intelligence and it’s non-violent but exciting, and it’s so weird to see that because it sounds so obvious, and it sounds like that would be common, but it’s actually quite uncommon to have a movie that’s this franchise, this Hollywood-style movie that’s really just about teamwork and intelligence, rather than just violence.”

Nemiroff followed that point, asking about the teamwork and intelligence angle and offering the thought that the character work may well be why the film has such a lasting legacy. Eisenberg felt that a huge part of it was down to the calibre of actors cast in the roles — including the likes of Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Radcliffe, and more — who can sell pretty much anything you witness on screen no matter how nonsensical it is. Plus, if they appear to be enjoying themselves, that will surely come across to the audience as well.

I mean, this is kind of an arrogant answer, but I think it’s because they hired, at the beginning, great actors. I’m including myself, but really I’m making the point that they hired like 10 great actors, and it’s the kind of thing when you watch a movie and the plot is complicated, and you’re trying to follow it, but at the center of it is people who are alive on screen, who seem to be bringing themselves, who seem to be having fun improvising within the thing. It just makes it so much more fun. There are a lot of movies like that now where movie companies realize if [they] can hire really great actors for this plot driven, Hollywood-style movie, it’ll give it some soul and some life.

Did Jesse Eisenberg Hint at the Title of the Next ‘Now You See Me’ Movie?

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One fun note that Eisenberg added was the nickname the movie has among the team behind making it. If it isn’t official, “Now You Three Me” should absolutely be a thing and the official campaign will start with Collider.

And so when I’m reading this new script for
Now You See Me
, or
Now You 3 Me
as we’ve been calling it — I’ll get in trouble for that — I’m thinking, “oh, wow, these actors who I’m friends with, who are all genius actors are gonna be so funny in this.” And I could see, “oh, we’ll probably improvise this moment because I see they set up a really great foundation,” and so it’s stuff like that to me. I love acting more than anything because that’s my job. So when I see a movie that is a plot-driven Hollywood thing, I don’t really care about that stuff as much. But when I see that it’s filled with these great actors, it makes me really excited.

Stay tuned to Collider for further updates on Now You See Me 3. Both earlier films in the franchise are streaming now on Max in the U.S. Look for more from our exclusive interview with Eisenberg soon.

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