OnePlus 12, OnePlus Open Spotted Offering Bloatware During Setup, Company Responds: Report


OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open are the flagship phones from the Chinese smartphone maker. Now, users of these smartphones have claimed that their smartphones were offered to install “bloatware” apps. A user took to X (formerly Twitter) to claim that OnePlus is installing up to four additional third-party apps on the OnePlus 12 in India during the device's setup process. These unwanted apps appear under the “From OnePlus” header on the “Review additional apps” screen during setup. The company has since addressed the issue.

User X Gauraang Arora spotted a new “Check additional apps” screen presented during the setup process on your OnePlus 12. This screen shows four pre-selected Google Play apps by default: LinkedIn, Policybazaar, Block Blast and Candy Crush Saga. These apps were under a header that says “From OnePlus”.

Android Authority recently tested the setup process in three regions and found that four apps are pre-selected during setup on Indian variants of the OnePlus 12 running the latest Oxygen OS The US reportedly offers a third-party app, while there are no shortlisted apps presented in the EU. Users can choose not to install the listed apps, which are selected by default. However, there are chances that they can skip the setup process by pushing bloatware onto their phones.

Additionally, the post found three more Meta apps pre-installed: Meta App Installer, Meta App Manager, and Meta Services on OnePlus Open. All these Meta apps were previously seen on the OnePlus 8 series and the brand had been criticized for this inclusion as they cannot be easily uninstalled from the phones.

OnePlus reportedly addressed the issue saying it was a bug. “Soft preloads on the OnePlus 12 were a mistake made during testing and have been rectified as of May 6. The OnePlus 12 does not come preloaded with any of these apps and will continue to be light, fast and smooth” , OnePlus said. Android Authority.

The company added that it keeps OxygenOS bloatware free, but the company admits that there were two pre-installed apps (Instagram and Agoda) on the OnePlus Nord CE 4. It also said that the apps are so simple to remove or uninstall and that the company is working closely with app developers to ensure better performance on OnePlus devices.

Featured Tipster 1NormalUsername in X suggests what more bloatware will be headed to the OnePlus 12 in the latest OxygenOS build. Third-party apps like Fitbit, Bubble Pop, Facebook, Amazon, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, Zomato, Agoda and Swiggy could be pre-installed or displayed as APK shortcuts.


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