‘Parks & Recreation’s Best Duo Isn’t Leslie and Ann


The Big Picture

  • Ron and April’s unique bond is based on their shared disdain for their jobs and uncanny ability to communicate non-verbally.
  • Their friendship showcases Ron’s hidden caring nature and April’s genuine loyalty and support, which they both try to hide.
  • Ron and April’s dynamic adds a hilarious and heartwarming element to the show, elevating the comedic factor.

Parks and Recreation is one of those timeless TV shows that remains hilarious and relatable today. You can watch it repeatedly and still laugh out loud. They have jokes that last for seasons, smart plots, and Li’l Sebastian. Plus, the characters are mind-blowingly eccentric and funny. Each with their own distinct personality, they come together to create this unforgettable ensemble. There are so many great friendships throughout the show that really grow as the series progresses. Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) are the best of friends, and Donna Meagle (Retta) and Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) have the treat-yo-self days. But the best pairing has to be, hands down, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) and April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza).

Parks and Recreation

The absurd antics of an Indiana town’s public officials as they pursue sundry projects to make their city a better place.

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April 9, 2009

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Ron and April Have a Lot in Common

Zuzu, AKA April, and notorious saxophone player Duke Silver, AKA Ron, make the perfect pair with their stoic personalities. They keep each other’s secrets, including embarrassing nicknames and alter egos no one else knows about. Although they might seem like opposites because of their age gap or generational differences, in reality, they have a great deal in common, like not liking people or their sadistic humor. The thing that really solidified them as the best duo was when April became Ron’s secretary, and she promised to make sure he never has to go to meetings or that if people come to see him, she’ll scare them away. She proves this right away because Tom, their co-worker who never stops talking, comes up to the door and asks about a tie suggestion, and April cuts him off by slamming the door in his face. Ron hires her on the spot. Having these two work together elevates the show to the next level and gives audiences even more laughs than before.

Another thing the two of them bond over is their hatred for their jobs. As the head of the department, Ron always shows his discontent with the government, yet he’s the head of a department within the local government. This usually results in Leslie taking on more work, which she loves. He also hates mingling with people, and April does, too, which makes them the perfect pair for getting nothing done. These two operate wholeheartedly with their deadpan facial expressions. They don’t say much verbally, but they can tell what the other person is thinking just by sharing a glance. They have their secret language, and Ron only has to give April a raised eyebrow or a glance so that she knows what needs to be done.

Ron and April Bring Out the Best in Each Other

 Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) and April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) digging in Parks and Recreation
Image via NBC

Their respect for each other is unparalleled. Ron, who usually keeps to himself and doesn’t care about personal matters, shows that he does have a heart when it comes to the people he cares for. We see it with Leslie, like when she throws Ron a birthday party that turns out just to be her, him, and a delicious steak, or when he interacts with his son as well as April. When April is going to move away just to get revenge on her boyfriend Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt), Ron gives a little fishing analogy for her to think about. He says when fishing, you have to decide whether to cut the fish loose or reel it in. This makes April consider what she should do next with her relationship with Andy. It’s a tender moment between them and showcases that Ron, although he has a tough and uncaring exterior, actually cares about the people closest to him.

The same can be said for April. When Ron gets a hernia and does everything he can to deny it, April sees through the facade and returns after work to check on him because she has a sneaking suspicion something is wrong. He then confesses to the hernia, and she takes him to the hospital. April isn’t opposed to watching people suffer, but when she does something to help, you know the friendship is genuine.

Ron and April’s Bond Is Unparalleled

What works so well with the two of them is that Ron takes April under his wing but doesn’t want her to change in any way. He doesn’t push her to work harder or make her do stuff she doesn’t want to do. He accepts her for who she is and encourages her to be who she is. April learns so much from Ron, but Ron also learns from April. She teaches him about internet cookies and the more modern things Ron has no idea about. They also always have each other’s backs, especially when it matters. In an attempt to keep her promise of never scheduling a meeting for Ron, April accidentally scheduled 93 meetings because she thought March 31st didn’t exist. Ron, however, has the perfect solution. Leslie Knope adores meetings, but because she has to leave, things take a dark turn, and April quits. Ron talks to her and fights for her to come back. She does eventually, and the duo reunites.

Both Ron and April have sadistic senses of humor and aren’t afraid to play a joke at the expense of others. When people start to get too chummy with Ron, he likes to call them by the wrong name. He does this when Ann starts trying to be friends with him and April by telling them a gory story. It captures their interest, but Ron establishes boundaries by calling her the wrong name just when Ann thinks she has gotten in with the two of them. April thinks this is absolutely genius and finishes the joke by calling Ron the wrong name. Having these two work together is the perfect storyline for the series and ups the comedic factor.

There are so many great duos within the Parks And Recreation cast that it’s tough to narrow it down. But looking at the evidence, it’s pretty clear that Ron and April take the cake. The show wouldn’t be what it is without them, and pairing them up only strengthened the hysterical series. It’s so common for TV shows to pair off co-workers for an episode for an adventure or a more complex storyline. There was no turning back once they did it with April and Ron. The pair are flawless together, and the creators were geniuses for this duo.

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