Pregnant Woman Saved After Jumping From 2-Story Window to Escape Fire


Rachel Standfest she deserves a mother of the year award.

When the barn that the Michigan native and her husband Travis Standfest were set on fire last May, Rachel jumped from a second-story window to escape, despite being 36 weeks pregnant.

“The last thing I remember is Travis punching through the screen window and I could see my mom in the driveway yelling, 'Get out now,'” Rachel said. people in an interview published on May 23. “And that's the last thing I remember for probably two weeks.”

And although the brave move saved her and her baby's life, the 26-year-old admitted her only thought at the time was 'fight or flight'.

“At this point, I know I was scared,” Rachel explained. “I know we both had a moment of, 'Oh, my word, is this it? Are we going to die?' But I wasn't afraid to jump because I knew that's what we had to do to survive.”

After making the nearly 20-foot jump, Rachel was rushed to the hospital, where her daughter, Brynlee Rosewas born through an emergency caesarean section.


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